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Gardening Basics
// October 11, 2018

Does your office environment feel stuffy? Adding greenery to your workspace could fix that! Office plants have a lot of benefits – they help in sharpening the focus, improve health and purify the air. A plant on your desk could remove up to 87% of toxins! The following blog elaborates on science-backed benefits of bringing…

Green Lifestyle
// January 7, 2018
best indoor plants for clean air

What will we breathe in the years to come? Soon after the Delhi Smog incident, there was a massive surge in the air purifying equipment sale and advertisements. Amongst all the chaos certain organizations brought up a list of plants that had the potential to filter the air and combat health hazards. Well, in such…

Ornamental Gardening
// April 7, 2017
low maintenance plants

Today, we all are leading a fast paced life. With the timer running on all our activities, how can one dedicate himself to creating a beautiful garden? Even people with an unending love for gardening end up saying that they do not have time to take care of plants and hence cannot garden. For all…