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Gardening Basics
// January 22, 2018
myths and legend of plants

5 green plants with exciting myths & legends: 1. Coffee: This is the ultimate remedy to brighten and lighten up those lethargic mornings. A favorite beverage cherished by all of us, the Ethiopians discovered the coffee plant in the Middle East. The legend states that a boy named Kaldi was minding his herd of goats,…

Green Lifestyle
// October 4, 2017
best indoor vine plants

If you have an indoor garden and a library, you have everything. Indoor plants not only act as an instant decorating too, but they also help in keeping the environment clean and healthy. Thus, to make your home look glamorous this Diwali, we have enlisted 5 Gorgeous Indoor Vines: 1. Creeping Fig: Scientific Name: Ficus…

Ornamental Gardening
// October 16, 2016
shady flowering plants

While cultivating a home garden, we have to face many limitations and problems because not everyone has perfect outdoor conditions. One of the biggest things that can stop you or even discourage you from growing any plants is the lack of sunlight. After all, sunlight is what nurtures the plants, feeds them and gives them…

Plant Palette
// March 9, 2016

Glam up the shady sites of your garden with subtle colours and soft lighting. These two characteristics bring out feelings of serenity as well as solitude in the garden. Let’s explore the many plant possibilities that you can combine in your shady backyard. Hosta ‘Buckshaw Blue’ – This is one of the best perennial plants….