Tag: Fairy Garden

Green Lifestyle
// September 26, 2018
Mini garden on tabletop

In modern days, most of the working professionals spend more time on their office desk than any other place. We all have tried keeping a live plant next on our working or studying table with varying degree of success. Why not take it even further. Let’s have a look at various ways by which you…

Ornamental Gardening
// June 2, 2017
miniature plants

In sprawling cities, struggling for space, a flat dweller hardly gets any place for the conventional type of gardening. For such urban gardeners, the alternatives are hanging baskets, bottle gardening, tray landscaping and miniature gardening. Miniature gardens are attraction points these days in various plant exhibitions and flower shows. What is Miniature Gardening? Miniature gardening…

Landscape Designing
// April 6, 2016

This holiday give wings to your child’s imagination and create a fairy garden in the backyard. This whimsical garden type is inexpensive and exquisite. All you need is a little creativity, fairy lore, and enthusiasm to infuse life into the world of dreams. What is a fairy garden? A fairy garden is a miniature garden…