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Landscape Designing
// January 29, 2018
topiary garden plants

What is Topiary? The art of clipping and shearing the shrubs, small trees and sometimes even herbaceous perennials into ornamental or abstract shapes is known as topiary. Topiary can be the most exciting feature of a garden with the forms of birds, animals, beasts, humans and lot more. The term is derived from Roman word…

Green Lifestyle
// January 1, 2018
Making garden for birds

A garden with flowers, fruits, borders and lush foliage won’t mean anything without birds. These feathery visitors and wild friends add life to a garden and fill it with movement, sound, and colors. Birds, butterflies, and bees help in pollinating, feed on insects and bring a lot to the garden. But, they need help too!…

Gardening Basics
// January 30, 2017
Buying nursery plants

Purchasing a plant requires patience. If a plant is bought too hastily, without knowing much about the product, your time, money, efforts will be wasted. A careful look at the plant will immediately reveal its general appearance & condition.  Some people are blessed with the knowledge to judge the plants, but it turns out to…

Ornamental Gardening
// September 26, 2016
annual flowers

Starting something from scratch can be daunting, you never know how much effort you have to put in and when your efforts will bear fruit. When it comes to home gardens, nowadays, most people prefer transplanting already cultivated plants as this saves some time and effort and also ensures that you already have some beautiful…

Gardening Basics
// October 12, 2015
gardening at home

Starting a garden for the first time? Mixed feelings, right? Hop onto our waggon and start gardening at home with the Five Amazing Gardening Tips for Beginners. Just before you jump onto those beautiful ceramic containers and packet of seeds, remember, you need to indulge in pre-gardening activities to enjoy a normal harvest. 1. Gardening…