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Gardening Basics
// September 20, 2017
Harvesting tool - Scissor

A garden loaded with vegetables and fruits is every gardener’s dream come true. Post growing, harvesting and storing the juicy and crispy crop is a significant deal. Thus, it is said that harvesting is an art and every gardener must master it. If you follow the right harvesting techniques, you will not only savor what…

Garden Maintenance
// August 20, 2017
tree transplanting

Sometimes, planning can go awry no matter how thorough you’ve been. This is especially the case when you’ve planted trees without quite figuring out their growing patterns. Inevitably, you’ll find that a tree needs to be moved if it is to continue growing and thriving. Now, undoubtedly, this can seem like an intimidating task. The…

Ornamental Gardening
// April 24, 2017
planting sunflower seeds

Sunflower is an annual plant, that grows with big, daisylike flower. It is tall and course, has creeping or tuberous roots and large, bristly leaves. Some sunflower varieties grow to over 16 feet in height while the dwarf varieties thrive well in small spaces and containers. Most sunflowers are heat and drought tolerant. They also…