Tag: Hibiscus

Ornamental Gardening
// October 9, 2017
favourite flowers of hindu gods

In our flamboyant Indian Culture, the Gods have their favorite days, flowers and colors. Without these scared flowers, any ritual is considered incomplete. As we are about to step in the festive season, let’s first understand – Hindu Gods & their Favorite Flowers: 1. Goddess Lakshmi: Goddess Lakshmi is known to bring abundance and good…

Garden Maintenance
// November 7, 2016
Red Hibiscus flower

Exotic flowers add a bit of tropical flavor to any garden, but it can seem that growing them can be difficult. Or at least that is the assumption. But a flower like the Hibiscus, though looks like it may be difficult to grow and maintain, it can be done with the right knowledge. A Hibiscus…

Landscape Designing
// April 27, 2016
butterfly flower, butterfly with flowers images, flowers with butterfly

Steps for creating a Butterfly Garden: Colourful butterflies flitting around lovely flowers are a fantasy indeed. What if we tell you that you could live the fantasy in your garden? Yes. Today, we will guide you through the entire process of creating a butterfly garden that is both enchanting and lively. Let’s explore the whole…