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Gardening Basics
// October 23, 2018

In window gardening, plants are grown within the room just opposite or close to the window or on the windowsill outside. This is the most satisfying way of gardening for flat dwellers of cities where there is space crunch.  Nowadays, window ledge (sometimes referred to as flowerbed) is a part of the architecture for keeping…

Green Lifestyle
// May 7, 2017
plants for apartment living

In order to paint your indoors green all you need is to pick the right plants. For an apartment, you need plants that don’t need too much direct sunlight, are easy to grow and maintain, and can brighten up the dead corners. This may seem like a long list, but it shouldn’t stop you from…

Ornamental Gardening
// November 27, 2016
air purifier plants

The benefits of having an indoor or outdoor home garden cannot be overstated. They are the source of fresh, healthy food and ingredients, a place to get some peace of mind, a way to reconnect with nature, a hobby that can fill up the dull hours and most importantly, they are the instigators of healthy…