Tag: Indoor Creeper Plants

Green Lifestyle
// October 4, 2017
best indoor vine plants

If you have an indoor garden and a library, you have everything. Indoor plants not only act as an instant decorating too, but they also help in keeping the environment clean and healthy. Thus, to make your home look glamorous this Diwali, we have enlisted 5 Gorgeous Indoor Vines: 1. Creeping Fig: Scientific Name: Ficus…

Ornamental Gardening
// July 11, 2016
Moss Stick Plants

Can we grow climbers indoors? Yes!!!! Many beautiful indoor plants of climbing nature grow very well in pots with moss sticks. Sphagnum moss is tied all over PVC pole to make a moss stick. Preferably medium or large sized earthen/plastic pot is selected to keep the moss stick upright. Plants grown on moss sticks are…