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Ornamental Gardening
// June 9, 2018
Old suitcase succulent planter

Here’s a great way to transform an old utility case into a windowsill wonderland. Succulents and cacti are not immediately associated with floral abundance, but these unusual and often other-worldly plants pack some surprisingly beautiful and exotic flowers. Finding the perfect way to show them off can often be a challenge, so try giving your…

Kitchen Gardening
// October 24, 2016
basil plants growing in pots

There’s just something simple and elegant about being able to grab a herb of your choice, whether that’s thyme, basil, oregano, chives, etc. right in your kitchen. No more visiting the store even though need only a few leaves to garnish and having to watch the rest just waste away. Yes, there’s something really amazing…

Kitchen Gardening
// June 17, 2016
Aeroponics system

All our gardener friends who like to experiment with new and exciting methods, aeroponics system may be the next big thing. Through the past few years, Hydroponic systems have shown that soil isn’t necessarily the only medium that can be used to grow plants. Creating a carefully controlled and nutrient-rich medium for the plants to…

Gardening Basics
// October 12, 2015

No more space restriction! Start with container gardening and let your mind fly high with some creative ideas that can only make your home look beautiful. You could make a vertical garden, place an array of lovely potted plants or create a stunning indoor garden; the choice is yours! But before you dive in with…