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Ornamental Gardening
// August 23, 2017
flower garden ideas

Color is the most conspicuous element in the landscape and is usually the focus of most homeowners. Color is found in the soft-scaping features like flowers, foliage, bark, and fruit of plants. It is also found in hardscaping features like buildings, rocks, pavers, wood, and furniture. However, the seasonal flowering plants consist of all imaginative…

Green Lifestyle
// February 26, 2017
marigold flower

Marigolds bring a splash of gold to the garden that is just impressive. It is what takes an ordinary vegetable garden to an ornamental space that you can be proud of and show off to your colleagues. But the benefits of the marigold are more than skin deep which is exactly why they are some…

Ornamental Gardening
// September 26, 2016
annual flowers

Starting something from scratch can be daunting, you never know how much effort you have to put in and when your efforts will bear fruit. When it comes to home gardens, nowadays, most people prefer transplanting already cultivated plants as this saves some time and effort and also ensures that you already have some beautiful…

Landscape Designing
// April 27, 2016
butterfly flower, butterfly with flowers images, flowers with butterfly

Steps for creating a Butterfly Garden: Colourful butterflies flitting around lovely flowers are a fantasy indeed. What if we tell you that you could live the fantasy in your garden? Yes. Today, we will guide you through the entire process of creating a butterfly garden that is both enchanting and lively. Let’s explore the whole…