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Green Lifestyle
// September 10, 2018
10 reasons why you should grow microgreens at home

Microgreens are nothing but leafy vegetables picked at their first leaf stage. Microgreens are older than sprouts but, younger than baby plants, as harvesting is done within the first couple of weeks after seed sowing. Microgreens are grown in shallow containers and bright locations. Let’s have a look at all the benefits that microgreens have…

Kitchen Gardening
// July 4, 2016
How to grow microgreens

Did you know, you can enjoy your regular spinach, Green & Red Amaranth, Methi, Lettuce, Mustard, and other leafy vegetables in BABY form; Consumed as a health food and for garnishing salads, soups, plates, and sandwiches. These veggie delights are called as ‘Microgreens.’ Microgreens are tiny, baby plantlets of leafy vegetables that are harvested at…