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Gardening Basics
// May 22, 2018
Native Gardening in India

Landscape gardening is all about the right use of ornamental plants. All over the world, more or less a fixed set of popular ornamental plant varieties are used, regardless of their origin. In fact, most of the ornamental plants in our garden are exotic. One has to understand that even if these plants are lovely…

Garden Maintenance
// April 28, 2017
good luck plant

It’s clear why most, if not all, of us, bring home the feng shui bamboo plant or lucky bamboo plant. It’s right there in the name! We all want to invite more prosperity and success into our lives, and that’s what the lucky bamboo, or Dracaena sanderiana, is said to do. However, it’s equally important to…

Ornamental Gardening
// April 5, 2017
ground cover plants

A home garden is precious because we put so much effort into every inch, every nook, every corner and every square foot. Which is exactly why sometimes our home gardens aren’t very feet-friendly? This is an aspect that most home gardeners tend to overlook because we don’t think about the times that we’ll be walking…