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Green Lifestyle
// August 9, 2018
how to create a balcony garden

For someone without a garden, a balcony may be their entire ‘outdoor room,’ a ‘garden’ to cherish from indoors when the weather is severe. Even more than a patio, both the balcony or veranda are an outdoor extension of the home. The area is usually small, so the money you are prepared to spend on…

Garden Maintenance
// January 5, 2018
how to make terrace garden or rooftop garden

A green roof is a vegetated space (plantation) that is integrated on the top of a man-made structure like a commercial or a residential building. A green roof is often referred as rooftop garden or terrace garden in India. These gardens are developed to be accessible to people and may involve elaborate landscaping requirements such…

Gardening Basics
// July 28, 2017
Home terrace garden

The terrace garden is an urban feature. In modern times, homes with compounds, lawns and yards are extinguishing. In cities and towns, skyscrapers are replacing such homes. As a result, the private home gardens are vanishing, and the only places left for gardening are roofs, terraces and balconies. With provisions of adequate water supply and…