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Garden Maintenance
// January 5, 2018
how to make terrace garden or rooftop garden

A green roof is a vegetated space (plantation) that is integrated on the top of a man-made structure like a commercial or a residential building. A green roof is often referred as rooftop garden or terrace garden in India. These gardens are developed to be accessible to people and may involve elaborate landscaping requirements such…

Ornamental Gardening
// June 3, 2016

Don’t you love it when you have a thriving, modern garden on your balcony? One that gives you all the benefits of greenery without ever being cluttered or cumbersome. It just adds that extra layer of natural beauty to your home, providing freshness and color that just sets a balcony apart. But what are the…

Gardening Basics
// October 12, 2015

No more space restriction! Start with container gardening and let your mind fly high with some creative ideas that can only make your home look beautiful. You could make a vertical garden, place an array of lovely potted plants or create a stunning indoor garden; the choice is yours! But before you dive in with…