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Ornamental Gardening
// September 22, 2017
sita ashoka tree

About Sita Ashoka tree: Ashok is one of the most legendary and sacred trees of India. The Scientific name of Sita Ashok is Saraca asoca, and it belongs to Leguminosae family. This tree is native to Indian subcontinent & it is found growing naturally in the Western Ghats and the Eastern Himalayas. It is a…

Garden Maintenance
// June 26, 2017
money plant care

In India, even if you aren’t a gardener or haven’t had much experience with plants, you still would have heard about the money plant. Every neighbor, relative, friend and acquaintance with even a slightly green thumb will attest to the fact that this is often the first plant they bring home. Another popular name for…

Green Lifestyle
// December 11, 2016
garden vastu shastra tips

While the notion of Vastu Shastra seems to be commonplace in the home, most people don’t actually tend to practice it in the other (crucial) part of the home. Where’s that, you ask? Well, the garden of course! We love tending to our plants, making sure that the flowers are blooming, that the fruits are…