Three easy ways to install gardens at home

Landscape Designing
// April 9, 2016

One..Two..Three..Your Garden is ready!

Nothing can be as alluring as a beautiful garden at home. For those who yearn for creating one here are three outstanding ideas for you to turn into a gardener and be a host to lovely flowers!

Backyard garden:


If you have enough space in your backyard, you can dedicate it to gardening. Be it flower or vegetable, it is always going to be fun. Gardening does not require age, but yes you need little knowledge to create your own garden. If your backyard gets sufficient sunlight, you can turn it to a vegetable garden. Self-grown vegetables are always healthy. You can even plan organic gardening or sustainable gardening that has little to no access to synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Over use of pesticides and fertilizers are not good for health and even contaminates the environment. So, when you install a garden, keep these points in mind and enjoy healthy yield.

Container garden:

shutterstock_159418127If you have shortage of space, container gardening is the best that gives you wide range of choices. It begins with choosing containers and deciding the right place. Containers can be kept in window sills or doorways. You get numerous choices to create container gardening, but the most essential thing is to give them abundant sunlight. Containers can be anything including recycled containers on which any type of plants can be grown. Choose your favourite one be it flower, herb, foliage or any low maintenance succulent plants.

Apartment garden:

shutterstock_129013217Live in an apartment and love to do gardening? You can make it happen with the help of containers that can be hanged on walls, galleries and stored in various places at home. If not containers, you can do with planters and other attractive containers inside home. You can grow flower plants, herbs or vegetables plants in dramatic ways. You can grow small ornamental plant that could adorn the center table of your home. You can hang glass containers in tiny ornamental plants create an awe-inspiring garden.

Happy Gardening!