Tips to maintain your garden tools

Garden Maintenance
// April 11, 2016
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Garden tool is like a helping hand. Without a proper gardening tool, it is nearly impossible to work in the garden. They save time and energy and help to keep the garden prim and proper. It is of vital importance that these tools are taken good care of, as once bought and maintained well they can serve the purpose for at least a decade.
Yes. Even tools need maintenance, especially those which are made up of metals. Tools can attract rust quickly if they are not cleaned or kept wet in a place. Maintaining your tools is easy. All you need to do is to show them a little love.

cleaning gardening tools, how to maintain gardening tools

Clean your tools once the job is done: Make cleaning your tools instantly after completing the garden job a habit. If you are digging a hole in the ground with a shovel, don’t let the mud settle on it as it might attract rust and die soon. Remove dirt with the help of a brush and warm water. Also, remember to air dry these tools or wipe with a towel before keeping them back into your storage.

Sharpen those blades: Tools such as pruners and cutters shed their original sharpness after some time. Remember to sharpen them to regain that effect.

Tools love oiling: Metals love oiling. If you grease them regularly, there is no way that your tools will attract rust. Those living in dry areas should prefer regular oiling of handles and other tools which could otherwise dry or crack. And don’t use petroleum based oil, instead visit a hardware store and get the right oil.

Use sand for smoothness: If tools turn dry or wooden handles produce grain that brings roughness to your hands, you can consider applying sand on them to bring back smoothness. You can also use sand paper or 80 grit paper for the same.

Wire brush to knock off the rust: Best thing to remove rust from your tools is to use a wire brush. It helps to remove a majority of rust even from tight areas. 80-grit sandpaper will give better performance, but wire brush saves a lot of time and gives quick result.

Cleaning garden tool, gardening tools

Prevention is better than cure: Before you start taking care of your tools, ensure that you are well-protected. Wear gloves to keep your fingers and palms protected. Wear an eye protection inorder to prevent a sand particle from entering your eyes.

Garden tools are very sharp and harmful. So ensure that you are safe before you start cleaning them. Tools are a one time investment, so take good care of them and reap their benefits forever.