Top 10 leafy veggies to boost your health

Kitchen Gardening
// June 1, 2016
green veggies, healthy green vegetables

No matter which way you turn, everyone will say that if you want improved health, you have to eat your leafy greens. With the current trends focusing much more on health, wellness and fitness, it is about time that we started listening. But there are so many green vegetables out there, which ones work best? Worry not! We’re going to tell you exactly which leafy veggies you should be adding to your diet to give your health the boost that it needs:

green veggies, healthy green vegetable

1) Red and Green Leaf Lettuce: You’ve probably seen them in your salad bowl but did you know two cups can provide you a day’s worth of vitamin K? The darker the leaf, the more nutrition it has!

healthy green vegetables, lettuce vegetable

2) Spinach: Not just Popeye’s favorite, it should be yours too! Your source of vitamins A and C, it also gives your weight training a boost by providing you with over 6mg of muscle mineral.

green veggies, spinach

3) Mustard Greens: The leaves of the same plant that produce mustard seeds, Mustard greens contain nutrients that boost your eye and bone health. They also help in detoxifying the body and protecting the liver.

green leafy vegetables, mustard greens

4) Broccoli: Infamous among children, nonetheless the Broccoli is an essential part of any diet. Containing generous amounts of potassium, folate and Vitamin A and C, it is your pathway to a healthier lifestyle.

leafy vegetables name, broccoli vegetable

5) Chinese Cabbage: A brilliant source of calcium and iron, the Chinese Cabbage has the ability to reduce the onset of heart-related illnesses. Incredibly flexible, it can be sauteed, shredded, eaten raw, stir-fried, etc. to bring out the flavor you want.

green veggies, chinese cabbage, leafy vegetables name

6) FenugreekFenugreek seeds and leaves have a strong aroma. This green vegetable helps in reducing cholesterol level, reduces the risk of heart disease & controls blood sugar levels. It also has a high amount of potassium that helps in controlling heart rate and blood pressure.

leafy vegetables name , methi

7) Amaranth: The seeds of the amaranth plant have been valued for thousands of years. Both its leaves and the seeds have amazing medicinal properties. Its high protein content makes it a crucial nutrient source. It also helps in bone development as it is rich in leafy vegetables, amaranth leaves8) Green onion(leek): The green onion’s medicinal part is its stem. It is an excellent appetizer, and it contains vitamin A & C. The white part of it has calcium, too. The fiber in onions promotes healthy digestion.healthy green vegetables, leek9) Coriander: Coriander has a multifaceted flavor profile and can be used in various recipes. It’s a great herb to boost the nervous system. The fat-soluble vitamin and antioxidant- Vitamin A, protects from lung and cavity cancers.

leafy vegetables name , Coriander leaves

10) Dill leaves: Dill (Anethum graveolens) has been known as a herb that can provide a high amount of health benefits. Dill is well known for its dietary fiber and flavonoid content. It helps in curing insomnia.

green veggies, dill leaves

Just add these top 10 leafy greens to your diet and you feel the benefits throughout your body. It will soon come to be one of the best decisions that you’ve ever made!