Top 10 house plants for moss sticks

Ornamental Gardening
// July 11, 2016
Moss Stick Plants

Can we grow climbers indoors? Yes!!!! Many beautiful indoor plants of climbing nature grow very well in pots with moss sticks. Sphagnum moss is tied all over PVC pole to make a moss stick. Preferably medium or large sized earthen/plastic pot is selected to keep the moss stick upright. Plants grown on moss sticks are mostly ornamental, indoor, semi shade loving ones. Such plants produce extra roots on moss sticks to cover them completely. Following are some easy to grow moss stick plants:

  1. Money plant: Most popular house plants. Usually called ‘Pothos’, the fleshy climbing vine bears waxy, dark green leaves with yellow variegation.

moss plant2. Philodendron: These are ever green, attractive house plants. Many are climbers. Growing well in good light but away from direct sunlight, these must be kept well watered throughout. The different leaf shapes are very attractive.

red emerald moss stick

3. Syngonium: these have heart-shaped, sometimes lobed leaves with silver white or green centres. Staking and training necessary; thrive well as home plants.

indoor creeper plants

4. Betel leaf (Mghai paan): A medicinal climber. The Paan leaves are very popular in Indian household for chewing purpose. It is used as digestive, moth freshener after meals.  

indoor climbing plants

5. Schefflera: These are popular foliage home plants. Indoors these should be grown in well-lit areas and not in direct sunlight.

indoor creeper plants

6. Monstera: The evergreen climbers clining to their supports by aerial roots produced at each node are characterized by their broad, dark green, perforated leaves. Requiring staking, these do well under shaded conditions. The attractive house plants can be kept to cover corners.

indoor moss plants

7. Asparagus: The ornamental varieties of these hardy plants are suitably for indoor or green house cultivation. With very attractive feathery foliage, these have climbing habits.

indoor creeper plants

8. Senecio: Having many attractive herbaceous perennials and succulents; these make very good house plants.

indoor climbing plants

9. Cissus discolour: It is excellent in a container and can be trained onto a form. Its oval- to heart-shaped leaves are dark green with frosty silver patterns, while the undersides are red. 

moss plant

10. Clerodendron thomsone: A flowering climber with thin, ovate leaves; flowers grow in clusters, the sepals are white, changing to pink; the petals are deep crimson.

moss plant

Happy Gardening!!!