Top 10 flowering annuals for monsoon

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// July 18, 2016
Monsoon Annual Flowering Plants

What’s blooming on your flower beds this monsoon? Seasonal flowering annuals are quick growing herbaceous plants which complete their life cycle in one season i.e. 3-6 months. They tend to produce some of the most beautiful, attractive, colourful flowers while they last. These are perfect for outdoor flower beds & pots kept in sunny spots. All these plants are grown by seed sowing only. Monsoon is a perfect growing season to grow many of these flowering species.

Following are top 10 rainy season annuals for India:

1. Balsam:

The plants are 20-60 cm tall, bearing double or single flowers with varying colours such as Rose, Red, Violet, pink, blue, white. Buy Balsam flower seeds online.

Balsam- monsoon flower in India

2. Marigold

These are one of the easiest to cultivate due to their wide adaptability. The plants with their attractive yellow-orange flowers bloom for long period. Buy marigold flower seeds online.

Marigold- Monsoon Flower

3. Cosmos:

A delightful annual, the plant is 50-120 cm tall and bears Rose, Pink, Crimson, Purple & white large flowers with yellow centre on long stalks. Buy Cosmos Mix Seeds online.

Cosmos monsoon flower

4. Sunflower:

The giant, common yellow sunflower is a course looking plant with rough textured leaves. Buy Sunflower Seeds Online.

Sunflower- annual monsoon flower

5. Zinnia:

A popular garden annual various in height from very dwarf to tall types. Flowers are of different forms and various colours such as Pink, Orange, white, Crimson, Purple, golden yellow etc. Buy zinnia flower seeds online.

zinnia monsoon flowering plant

6. Cleome:

(Spider plant): A tall spiny plant with large clusters of flowers with long prominent stamens. The flowers are scented & may be pink, light purple, rose or white in colour. Buy Cleome flower seeds online.
Cleome annual flowering plant

7. Salvia:

The plants may be tall or dwarf and bushy. Tubular bright scarlet flowers are born above foliage on top. Buy Salvia Red Flower Seeds online.

Salvia red monsoon flowering plant

8. Portulaca:

Low growing trailing annual with fleshy leaves & single or double flowers. The flower colours are brilliant & available in shades of white, purple, yellow, scarlet, crimson & orange. Buy Portulaca flower seeds online.

Portulaca flower

9. Ageratum:

Plant suitable for flower beds, borders or rockeries. The branches are covered with fluffy heads of pale lavender flowers. Buy Ageratum flower seeds online

Ageratum annual flowering plant

10. Cocks comb:

A very popular and easy to grow branching annual. It produces feathery flower spikes in a pyramidal fashion resembling Ostrich-plumes, in various colours of golden yellow, silver red & orange.

Cock's Comb

Happy Monsoon Gardening!!