Top 10 vertical garden plants

Ornamental Gardening
// July 13, 2016
Green Walls

Home gardens love variety, whether that relates to the type of flowers and fruits you plant or the type of garden itself. One much-favored way to create something different in a home garden is the ‘Living Wall’ or the vertical garden. A beautiful vertical garden can often be the hint of diversity that you need. But for it to work, you need to know which plants are best suited for these efforts.

live wall plants

And so, here are our top 10 vertical garden plants that will get you climbing in the right direction:

1. Pothos: A vining plant that can grow even in low light conditions, the Pothos is undoubtedly a low maintenance plant. They can be made to climb as they grow or to hang from their resting place.

Live wall plants

2. Sword Fern: Feel that ferns are difficult to grow? Well then try growing out the Sword Fern because it’s very easy to care for. It does need sufficient water, though, so keep it close to the base of the vertical wall and maintain the moisture of the soil.

Green wall plants

3. Wedding Vine: Vertical plants can be fragrant too! Just try the Wedding Vine, it is also pretty tolerant to wet and dry conditions and isn’t very demanding. It also produces beautiful white tubular flowers. Stephanotis floribunda

vertical garden plants

4. Peace Lily: A staple of home based vertical gardens, they are easy to grow flowers for those who want their Living Wall to be full of beauty. They bloom for most of the year and even as they age, they turn green and don’t take anything away aesthetically.

Green Wall Plants

5. Philodendron: It is entirely possible that you’ve heard this name before, as the Philodendron is an extremely popular ornamental plant that you will see everywhere. They do tend to grow quite aggressively at times so do keep trimming!

Green wall plants

6. Japanese Iris: Favored by vertical gardeners all around the world, the Japanese Iris has a tumbling assemblage of strappy green leaves. In Spring, you will begin to see pale blue or purple Iris flowers as well!

Vertical garden plants

7. Hoya Carnosa: Also called the ‘Wax Flower,’ the Hoya is the right choice for smaller gardens as it can be conditioned easily. It gets its name because of the clusters of waxy white and pink flowers that grow with it.

Green wall plants

8. Orchids: The easiest and best way to give your garden the exotic look you’ve always wanted is to plant a swarm of multi-coloured orchids. They will give your garden a lavish appearance and will be the source of enticing fragrances.

vertical garden plants

9. Lipstick plant: Aeschynanthus radicans or the Lipstick plant produces scarlet red flowers and shiny green leaves, an eye-catching combination indeed. It also grows well in dry conditions.

Green wall plants

10. Croton: Just give it some sunlight, keep your humidity stable and your Croton plant will be thriving in no time! Its colorful leaves will perk up the garden and provide a mesmerizing backdrop.

Live wall plants

We hope that you’ve got the inspiration you need to create a truly magnificent vertical garden. It goes nowhere but up from here!