Vastu Shastra for your home garden

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// December 11, 2016
garden vastu shastra tips

While the notion of Vastu Shastra seems to be commonplace in the home, most people don’t actually tend to practice it in the other (crucial) part of the home. Where’s that, you ask? Well, the garden of course! We love tending to our plants, making sure that the flowers are blooming, that the fruits are ripening, that the vegetables stay nice and green and that the pests stay away. But there is a little more that we can do to ensure that our plants, and we by extension, are happier and healthier.

garden vastu

We can do that by introducing the notion of Vastu Shastra into our garden. That’s right; it can be (and some would say should be) done. If the garden is where you go to find peace at the end of a long hard day, then why not energise that peaceful aura? Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that’s capable of bringing positivity, good luck, joy and happiness to the house. It takes account of all the essential elements and brings positive energy into the home.

vastu shastra garden

Contrary to what you think, Vastu Shastra isn’t a tough thing to follow, especially when you’re just starting out. So, here are some tips that will get you started.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Garden:

The first thing is to ensure that your home garden is always in the northern or western part of the house.
Try to have a Holy Basil (Tulsi) plant within the confines of your home. This plant positively affects many aspects of your home life. Also learn Growing Tulsi and Why do we worship Tulsi.

vastu tip for tulsi plant
Taking a particular direction, the northern side of the garden is suitable for recreational fittings like a water fountain or a swing. It is also good if you have flowerpots here but place them on the ground.

vastu tips for north side garden

The western side is good for large trees like mango, but only if it is at some distance from the house. Also, this is the spot to indulge your love for art so go ahead and install your favourite sculptures and stone scriptures here. Do avoid clutter, though.

vastu tips for west garden area
The southern side definitely isn’t the place for your swimming pool, your water fountain or your pet’s home. Instead, get some beautiful statues, create a rock garden or leave some nice open space for fresh air! Check out how you can make Beautiful Terrariums and use it in your garden.

vastu tips for south garden area
The eastern side is perfect for a sitting area. You should also plant your shrubs here. In fact, this side would be ideal for the Basil plant that we talked about. Read about Outdoor Hardscaping Ideas.

vastu garden for east area
Finally, for the centre, just keep it clean and open. This isn’t the place for your water fountain or showpiece, just let the area breathe. Read about gardening as therapeutic & healing activity.

vastu tips for centre area of garden

Some other tips? Try having a banana or coconut plant within the premises cause they improve mental health and well-being. Don’t let any plant grow above three feet, though, unless they’re in the right spot according to Vastu Shastra. If you have a pathway in the garden, then plant jasmines on either side because they’re considered very auspicious. And lastly, keep the garden clean, and you will find tranquillity there all the time. Check on how you can make your front gardens.

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You’re now ready to try out turning your garden into a Vastu Shastra zone of joy!



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