Vegatables You Can Regrow From Scraps

Kitchen Gardening
// August 1, 2016
Regrowing vegetables and greens.

When it comes to gardening and interacting with nature, time and experience will teach you that every part of a plant can be used. And when you’re pressed for equipment or even finances or when you just want to test out what you can do, it is this knowledge that helps you in the garden.

So, this blog will help you grow that every bit of knowledge and help you understand your favorite fruits and vegetables a little bit better. Let’s look at some fruits and vegetables that can be grown back from nothing but scraps.

growing vegetables from scrap

1) Lettuce

One of the easiest to be grown back from leftovers, lettuce requires minimum effort to get this done. Simply take your scraps, put them in a bowl of water and keep misting the leaves now and then. Soon, you’ll begin to see the leaves and your plant can now be transplanted to the soil.

vegetables that regrow

2) Bean Sprouts

You probably did this as a school project when you were a kid, and this is a good time to revisit that experience. Keep them in a fresh jar of shallow water every morning till you see sprouts beginning to appear.

regrow vegetable scraps

3) Potatoes

All you need is some potato skin bits with eyes on the surface. Plant these when dry, with the eyes facing up and you’ll have a new crop of potatoes in no time!

regrow vegetable scraps

4) Ginger

Once you have even a small stock of ginger rhizomes, you can keep growing them back. Plant your ginger roots into potting soil and water them as required. Once new shoots are out, you can take what you want and keep the rest back for re-growing.

regrowing kitchen scraps

5) Carrot Greens

What’s usually thrown into the compost bin can be used to grow delicious carrot greens that can be used to flavor or garnish. Just take your carrot top, put it in a bowl of shallow water with ample sunlight. Once the sprout shoots, transplant to the soil.

regrow carrot leaves

6) Hot Peppers

Those seeds don’t just carry an extra kick of spice but also the potential to grow back this delicious spicy pepper. And as a bonus, peppers tend to grow pretty fast so your stocks can always be full.

regrow kitchen scrap

7) Mushrooms

Who wouldn’t want to grow their mushrooms? You can use them in almost any dish and create an actual depth of flavor. Just remove the mushroom’s cap and plant the stalk in the soil, leaving just the top above the surface. You can then harvest your mushrooms when ready.

vegetables you can regrow

Some other plants that can grow back from scraps are celery, lemongrass, cilantro, avocado, onions, pumpkins, tomatoes, cherries, peaches, apples and hazelnuts.

regrow vegetables

So next time, definitely keep all the scraps of these plants, and you’ll never run out in the future. The most important thing that you can learn from this blog is that every part of the plant can be used in more ways than one if you can get a little creative.

Regrow, replant and reuse!