15 easy to grow vegetables for containers

Kitchen Gardening
// April 28, 2016
vegetable garden, pot gardening

Today we have come up with a list of 15 easy to grow vegetables in container. What makes these all the more delightful is that, these veggies grow hassle-free and are plush with nutrients.

beetroot , chukandar, beet, chard, Beta vulgaris
Beets grow well in small spaces. All you need is a 12 inches deep container and you are ready to sow!


broad beans, surti papdi, fava bean, Spem, Vicia fabaGrow any of the two variety of beans viz. Derby or provider right in that lovely container in your garden.


gajar, carrot seeds, Scarlet Nantes, Daucus carota subsp. sativusEmpty containers don’t look good. Grow varieties like Thumbelina, Short n Sweet, Little Fingers by yourself.

Cole Crops:

full gobi, gobi flower, Brassica oleracea var. italicaCole crops are the easiest to grow in containers. They include cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage.


cucumbers, cucumber seeds, Long Cucumber, kakdi, ucumis sativusPick up Salad Bush or Bush Pickle variety cucumber to grow in your kitchen garden.


baingan, brinjal seeds, eggplant, vangi, Solanum melongenaWhile growing Eggplant be a little careful. Choose a pot which is about 5 inches deep so that the plant sustains in the container.

Lettuce and other greens:

lettuce, lettuce vegetable, lettuce seeds, romaine lettuce, Lactuca sativaChoose lush greens and lettuce to add greenery into your kitchen garden. These are the best container garden plants.


watermelon seeds, round watermelon, red watermelon, Citrullus lanatus, tarbujGrow Bush Sugar Baby melons right at home and relish the fruit.


red onion, bulb onion, onion seeds, laal pyaaj, Allium cepaGreen onions grow well in containers.


green peas, pea, garden peas, hari matar, Pisum sativumPlant any of these peas variety in your container Green Arrow, Maestro, English peas, Sugar Bon’ snap pea.


green chilli, hari mirch, green pepper, green chilli seeds, CapsicumPeppers need a large pot to grow. Grow any variety in a big container.


Potato, aalu, BatateGrowing potatoes is fun. Try these in a container at home.


radish, muli, red radishRadishes grow quickly and easily in the smallest container. All you have to scatter are some seeds and keep the soil moist.


zucchini, squash, courgette, Cucurbita pepo var. cylindrica

Choose from these squash varieties – these may include: Cornell Bush Delicata, Papaya Pear, Table King and grow them at home easily.


tomato seeds, red tomato , tamater, Salad Tomatoes, Solanum lycopersicumPlant and savour juicy and fresh tomatoes in pots. You can choose from Cherry tomato,Plum Yellow, Window Box Roma. All these varieties fit perfectly in smaller size containers and pots.