Vertical Gardens: The Living Walls of your Home

Ornamental Gardening
// July 8, 2016
Green wall

Garden lovers will know that nothing makes an environment look better than variety. So that isn’t just the diversity of colors, flowers, fruits, and vegetables but also in how you grow them. You could have little shrubs, border plants, centerpiece plants and hanging plants. When all of these come together in the right way, you get a garden that people just won’t stop admiring!

vertical landscape

So, inspired to start a vertical garden of your own? Well, let’s get you on your way!

Did you know that vertical gardens are also known as ‘Living Walls’ or ‘Green Walls’? It is an indoor or outdoor vertical surface that is covered with greenery planted in some medium like soil. Also, the largest green wall in the world is located at the Los Cabos International Convention Center and covers an incredible 2700 square meters!

There are different types of Green Walls as well:

  • Loose Media: They have their soils packed on a shelf or a wall and are then attached to the wall. These are preferred for homes as they can easily be replanted.

Green Wall

  • Mat Media: With plants grown on thin coir fiber or felt mats, this system too is perfect for the home. However, it does require a fair amount of irrigation.

Vertical Garden Design

  • Sheet Media: This method makes use of polyurethane sheets arranged in an eggshell type manner. They have sufficient water holding capacity and work well as outdoor vertical gardens.

Walled garden

  • Structural Media: Here, the growth media are blocks that can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes, don’t break down too quickly and hold a high amount of water.

Vertical Garden

Once you’ve picked your medium, you can arrange them in innovative ways like:

  1. Using recycled pouches that are made of highly breathable material. They can form beautiful, natural rows.

Vertical Garden Design

2. Terra cotta pots are fixed on a stand-alone wall that could be made of hex wire. Quite simply, taking the vertical garden name to heart!

live walls

3. Hanging planters are available widely and are an elegant way to get started on your vertical wall.

live walls

4. Love to keep the garden design clean? Try out stacked cedar boxes, arranged aesthetically to create a vertical garden that’s pleasing to the eye.

vertical landscape

5. Lattice has a niche market when it comes to vertical gardens, but when it’s done right, there’s nothing quite like it. It is elegance brought to life!

Vertical landscape

6. Trays are one of the most commonly used media for vertical gardens, and they do give you quite a bit of room to play with too.

Live walls

But why are we devoting this time to the Living Walls? What are the advantages? First off, they’re great when you have limited space and still want to create magic. They can be amazing to look at, like a multi-coloured section of the house. They make plants easier to reach and also make them healthier as they experience better air circulation. Finally, they can turn everyday boring urban environments around while also providing you better conditions to live.

A Living Wall will truly be a blessing for your garden!