Easy ways to control weeds: Now say goodbye to weeds

Garden Maintenance
// May 21, 2016

Weeds are the most ardent species in the garden that never stop irritating the gardeners and their favorite plants. These plants start growing without even being cultivated, and their only motive is to harm the other plants. It is important to keep the weeds away from your garden, but obviously, you don’t like the idea of separating them one-by-one to keep your garden in good condition. Well, you don’t have to deal with them individually. Listed below are easy ways to control weeds and enjoy weed-free gardening.

weed killer, weed control methods

Healthy soil could keep weeds away: Try to maintain your garden soil regularly. Better soil nutrition with adequate fertilizers will help in keeping the weeds away. Weeds grow in the open area and avoid growing in the areas where fertilizers are regularly applied.

weed control methods, removal of weeds

Tilling the garden: One of the best weed management practices is to till the garden. If you frequently loose and turn your garden soil, weeds would automatically come out with the roots and can be easily displaced. However, be concerned that only turning the soil may result in rotating the weed seeds.

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Mulch beds are weed kickers: As it is always said, mulch is the best thing to keep weeds away from the garden. You can apply a bed filled with mulch that prevents weeds from growing. Instead, any barriers that block light to the surface can act as mulch and kick off weeds from your garden. However, they are good to block smaller annual weeds and may not be that effective on perennial weeds.    

weed management, weed control methods

Or try to block everything with plastic sheets: If not mulch, you can try better options to block weeds from growing. Cover the ground with solid plastic sheets to block water and light from penetrating in. This will kill the weeds underneath. This is a fast and effective way to kill all unwanted grasses and replace it with vegetable or other types of gardening. You can use black plastic which keeps the soil warm and thereby benefits warm-season crops like tomatoes. White plastics are also weed preventers but are not effective to warm up the soil.

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Thick lawn cover to choke weeds: If not plastic sheets, you can crowd out weeds with thick lawn cover made of mulch. Try to keep your lawn thick enough for the weeds to breathe or grow. You can also use ground-cover plants that add beauty to the area and thereby keep the weeds out of your way.

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Even after trying different obstacles, you have to ensure that regular maintenance and activities for weed removal are done without which it’s hard to say goodbye to greedy weeds.