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Kulanjan Plant with Self Watering Plant

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Description For Kulanjan Plant with Self Watering Plant

A herb from the ginger family, Alpinia galanga or Kulanjans used primarily in Indonesian and Thai cuisines. This robust, perennial, herbaceous plant grows in large clumps that can be 2 - 3.5 metres tall. It is one of four plants that are known as galangal and is differentiated from the rest with a common name greater galangal. In Ayurveda, Kulanjan is used in the treatment of a sore throat, cough, cold, oral freshness, erectile dysfunction and increase in urination.

Benefits of using Kulanjan:

  • Diabeties
  • Reduce blood sugar.
  • Prevent hair loss.
  • Pimples removal.
  • Memory increases.
  • Asthama.
  • Healthy heart ,Cure joint pain ,Eye sight and vision ,Cancer prevention ,Healthy kidney,Cough and cold ,Strengthening teeth,Weight loss ,Glowing skin ,Hyper acidity,Piles treatment ,Stomach pain low hearing ,Vomiting tumour solution ,Body energy.

  • How to grow Kulanjan Plant:

    Botanical Name: Alpinia galanga

    Common Name: Greater Galangal, Thai ginger, Koshtkolinjan.

    Family: Zingiberaceae

    Description: Kulanjan is a rhizomatous plant which long, green leaves and prominent parallel venation. Greenish white flowers come in inflorescence. Fruits look like orangish red cherry. The critical part is underground rhizome which is medicinal and aromatic.

    Planting Season: Throughout the year. Best grown in monsoon.

    Climate: Hot & humid

    Soil: Rich and deep soil with plenty of houmous & good drainage.

    Location: Outdoors & semi-outdoors

    Planting: Plant can be grown in a round or a rectangular container with a minimum depth of 1 foot.

    Sunlight: Full sun (6-8 hours) or partial sun (3-4 hours)

    Watering: Potted plant should be watered thrice a week. Plant on the ground should be watered twice a week.

    Manuring: Add plenty of cow manure in soil at the time of planting/ potting.

    Plant protection: It a hardy plant that does not catch any serious pests or diseases.

    Repotting: Change the plant container every year before the monsoon.

    Propagation: Kulanjan is propagated by planting cuttings of rhizome at the time of repotting.

    Harvesting: Rhizome can be harvested at the time of repotting.

    Medicinal properties: Rhizome—carminative (in dyspepsia), stomachic, circulatory stimulant, diaphoretic, anti inflammatory.

    Plant part used: Underground rhizome.

    How to use:
  • Rhizome is aromatic and stimulant-like ginger, therefore a small piece is added in herbal tea particularly in winters.
  • A small amount of Kulanjan rhizome grated in hot beverages as a cure for a cough, heat generator and mouth freshener.
  • The rhizome is a common ingredient in Thai curries and soups, where it is used fresh in chunks or cut into thin slices, mashed and mixed into curry paste.

  • Details

    Type of Plants Medicinal Plants
    Ideal plants location Plants For Sunny Balconies
    Maintenance Medium
    Water Schedule Every alternate day
    Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor Shade Loving Plant, Outdoor Sun Loving Plant
    Speciality Alpinia galanga or Kulanjans used primarily in Indonesian and Thai cuisines
    Design Use Edible
    Ideal Location Out door


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