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    Ornamental pineapple Ornamental pineapple

    Ornamental pineapple With Self Watering Pot

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    This is an effortless way of starting a Pineapple tree at home. Place this beautiful and vibrant houseplant in a sunny location. The Pineapple tree grows about 6 feet tall indoors but, remember that it takes several years to flower and fruit. Learn More

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Cactii being forest dwelling species thrive without water as they retain moisture in their tissues. You might be wondering what Succulents are? Succulent means juicy. The leaves and stems of the leaves of these plants store nutrients that help them to grow and thrive on their own. Both of these plants are ideal for beginners as they need relatively less amount of care and look great. If you wish to grow these in your home, then browse through our diverse range and pick the best Cacti and Succulents online. Place the plants in the sunny pots of your home and put them in the right sized pots.

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