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Flowering Plants

Gerard De Nerval aptly quoted that every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. Indeed, flowers are a true essence of every garden. They add beauty, aroma and breathe in life in the lovely green space.

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White Orchid

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Ixora (Rugmini) Variegated Plant

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Anthurium Million Flowers

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Ixora (Rugmini) Plant - Dark Orange

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Ixora (Rugmini) Plant - Pink

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Ixora (Rugmini) Plant - Orange

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Adenium Red Plant

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An old proverb says the nature smiles through flowers. Flowers are what lend colour to a garden and make you smile on the coldest of the mornings. They add beauty to any garden, bring in the bees and the birds and fill your home with sweet fragrance. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colours and every shade of nature smiles in the blooms. Ugaoo boasts of a wide variety of flowering plants that are both annual and perennial. We have a range of flowering plants, flower seeds, and flower bulbs that bloom into a stunning variety of blooms. We have flowers that are self-seeding and fill your garden with beautiful fragrance if spring. The flowers are excellent at attracting bees and flowers and other pollinating agents. These flowering plants can be easily grown at home. In the entire range there are flowering plants that need full sun and flowering plants that can grow in low light and partial sunlight. Ugaoo has one of the best range of flowering plants online in India, it has both exotic flowers and local endemic flowers. Some of our best flowering plants are kalanchoes, anthuriums, lilies, dahlias, cosmos, carnations. We also have a great range of wildflower seeds like poppies, cosmos, corn flower, daisies, and many more that will fill you gardens with all the colours of nature. All the flowering plants come with detailed care instructions to help them thrive in home gardens. Ugaoo has flowering plants that can be grown in both pots and planters and hanging baskets as well as flower beds in your outside garden. Visit to shop not only from a wide range of flowering seeds and plants but also manure and fertilisers for flowering plants as well as gardening tools and watering equipment to help you flower garden thrive in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best indoor flowering plants?

Some of the best indoor flowering plants are Kalanchoes, Bromeliads, Anthuriums, Peace Lily, Christmas Cactus, Hoyas, and Poinsettias.

Which flowers can grow indoors?

Plants like Bromeliads, Peace Lily, Poinsettias, and Anthuriums bloom easily in indoor environments. While plants like Kalanchoe need at least a couple of hours of direct light for blooming.

How do you take care of indoor flowering plants?

Indoor flowering plants need ample light to bloom profusely and also do well with at least a couple of hours of sunlight. They also need more fertilisers than foliage plants for bigger better blooms.

How do I get my plants to bloom?

To promote blooming in your plants, give them ample light and preferably a couple of hours of direct sunlight. Also, feeding your plant with nutrients and fertilisers also promotes blooming in them.

What plant has flowers that never die?

Flowering is a phase and happens in turns and every flower has its own lifecycle and no flower lasts forever. While some flowers like anthuriums stay alive for 2 to 3 months under the right conditions, others might die within the day.

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