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Indoor Plants

Little greenery inside the house revitalizes the soul and senses. Having indoor home plants have been practised for ages, but what has changed is the choice of plants.



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Dracaena Coffee Plant

₹399 ₹349(13% OFF)

Dragon Bubble plant

₹4999 ₹4499(10% OFF)

Bird of Paradise Plant

₹999 ₹749(25% OFF)

Aloe Snow Flake

₹499 ₹399(20% OFF)

Xanthosoma Plant

₹2999 ₹2499(17% OFF)

Alocasia Silver Dragon

₹1299 ₹999(23% OFF)

Philodendron Oxycardium Golden Plant

₹399 ₹349(13% OFF)

Peperomia Green Plant

₹399 ₹299(25% OFF)

Fern Morpankhi

₹399 ₹349(13% OFF)

Aglaonema Pink Beauty Plant

₹999 ₹799(20% OFF)

Money Plant Satin

₹549 ₹449(18% OFF)

Snake Plant - Futura Superba

₹749 ₹599(20% OFF)

Philodendron Micans Plant

₹449 ₹399(11% OFF)

Aloe Blizzard Plant

₹499 ₹399(20% OFF)

Aloe Juvenna Plant

₹499 ₹399(20% OFF)

Aralia Variegated White Plant - Mini

₹399 ₹349(13% OFF)

Calathea Rattlesnake Plant

₹699 ₹549(21% OFF)

Dracaena Compacta Plant

₹549 ₹499(9% OFF)

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Houseplants for Sale Online

While indoor plants for home and interior gardens have become a global trend now, they have been a part of homes for ages. All plants are beautiful, but they all cannot be placed inside. Shop indoor plants online from Ugaoo’s extensive range of house plants to beautify your homes and improve your quality of life.
Ugaoo boasts of one of the most extensive and curated lists of interior plants for all homes and requirements. You can find a range of indoor plants for home including low-light indoor plants, creeping and climbing plants, ferns, lucky plants, air-purifying plants, beautiful foliage plants, low-maintenance plants, and several flowering plants. The plants come in different sizes and are well suited for small space gardening with minimal care. All our indoor home plants come in premium quality self-watering pots that reduce your gardening stress and save your plants from overwatering or underwatering.
Indoor plants are a great way to improve the overall look of the home while also eliminating indoor air toxins and pollutants. Plants are also great for reducing stress and improving the quality of life. Ugaoo has an extensive range of pet-friendly plants as well that are well-suited for homes with pets. Our range of exotic plants makes for great conversation starters. Ugaoo also sells some of the best tabletop plants and also plants that are great for windowsills, terraces, and entryway plants. Our range of low-maintenance plants, succulents and cactuses are great for offices and commercial spaces as they don’t need a lot of care.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you water my indoor plants?

While there is no standard answer to that question, as some plants love water more than the others. The general rule is to water your plant once the top soil is dry touch and does not stick to the finger on poking it. For more plant specific information you can refer to our indoor plants page that gives detailed plant care tips and information. You can also contact our plant experts on our customer care number for specific plant issues.

How to take care of indoor plants

Taking care of indoor plants is not that difficult and with a few pointers your plants can easily thrive. The basic idea is to understand how much water your plant needs and this plant specific information is available on the plant pages on our website. Indoor plants also need occasional fertilisation to thrive as the potting mix gets depleted of nutrients with time.

Where should I put my houseplants?

All indoor plants need a basic minimum light. In general all house plants thrive in bright indirect light but some can do well in low light conditions too, for example bromeliads and ZZ are excellent low light plants.

How can I make my indoor plants grow faster?

All plants grow at their own rate, however their growth can be supplemented by providing them with ample light and regular watering. Plants also need regular fertilisation, however care needs to be taken as over fertilisation causes the plants to die.

How do I keep my houseplants bug free?

To keep your plants bug free employ preventive measures like spraying them with diluted neem oil (as per instruction) every fifteen days, take care to mist under the leaves as that is where bugs tend to take shelter. It is also important to avoid over misting your plants as humidity is a breeding ground for pests.

Do interior plants purify the air?

According to research conducted by NASA, some plants have the ability to clean some particular types of pollutants to an extent. That said, the extent to which these plants can purify the air is very minimal. Some interior home plants help in preventing bacteria from settling down at home. However, your sole motive of buying indoor plants online shouldn’t be only about purifying the air, there are many other benefits that indoor plants provide including improving your mental wellbeing.

What are the benefits of keeping indoor home plants?

There are manifold benefits of keeping interior plants in your home. These plants are not just there to add to the aesthetics of your house but also contain various therapeutic benefits including helping people with mental well-being (backed up by studies). Indoor gardening can help reduce stress levels and the plants at home can provide a soothing effect. Indoor plants make you feel good and boost your productivity with their natural calming presence.

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At Ugaoo, we firmly believe that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but borrow it from our children. At Ugaoo, we firmly believe that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but borrow it from our children.

At Ugaoo, we firmly believe that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but borrow it from our children.

Let's pass it on cleaner, better, and greener.

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