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MULTICaN Calcium Nitrate (N 15.5 + Ca 18.8) - 1 Kg

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Description For MULTICaN Calcium Nitrate (N 15.5 + Ca 18.8) - 1 Kg

MULTICaN Calcium Nitrate consists of 100% plant nutrients. It is free of sulfate, chloride, sodium and other elements that are detrimental for plants. It is suitable for the production of nutrient solutions and can be mixed with all water soluble fertilizers, except stock solutions containing phosphates or sulfates.


Technical Content 15.5% Nitrogen (1.1% Ammonical Nitrogen + 14.4% Nitrate Nitrogen), 18.8% Water Soluble Calcium.
Dosage To prevent fruit cracking, dropping & rottening : 3 to 4 gm per litre of water
Application Type Drip/Foliar


Product Weight 1020 g
Product Height 27 cm
Product Width 20 cm
Product Depth 3 cm


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