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Philodendron Broken Heart

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Description For Philodendron Broken Heart

How to grow Philodendron Broken Heart

Plant Description: Philodendron Broken Heart is an evergreen, attractive houseplant. It is an indoor climber with ornamental, foliage. The plants large, dark, heart-shaped, leathery leaves with a pattern of holes on the leaf blade makes it look unique. The plant is perfect for moss sticks and dark patches in the garden.

Botanical Name: Philodendron sp.

Plant type: Moss stick plant, ornamental foliage plant.

Deciduous/Evergreen: Evergreen.

Growth Habit: Climbing vine.

Growth Rate: Slow Growing.

Average Landscape Size: As a ground-cover, grow Philodendron Broken Heart at a distance of 2 x 2 ft.

How to care for Philodendron Broken Heart

Soil: Mix one part well-drained garden soil, one part coco peat & one part rich compost

Pot Size: For Philodendron Broken Heart use 12 to 16-inch pot with moss stick at the centre.

Potting/Transplanting: Transplant the Philodendron Broken Heart sapling in a pot along with root-ball of the original soil. Carefully place the Philodendron Broken Heart plant in the middle of the container & cover the roots completely with remaining soil.

Repotting: Change the pot every year. Use bigger sized pot every time you re-pot the Philodendron Broken Heart plant.

Sunlight: Philodendron Broken Heart can grow in full shade (indoors) or partial sunlight (outdoors). Direct sunlight will burn the foliage & stunt the growth of the plant.

Water: Philodendron Broken Heart must be kept well watered throughout. Maintain the soil evenly moist, but allow it to dry out between waterings.

Fertiliser: Add rich compost & well rotten cow dung while potting the Philodendron Broken Heart plant.

Temperature: Philodendron Broken Heart prefers pleasant warm temperatures. Its minimum temperature requirements are 15 degrees Celsius.

Humidity: Philodendron plant likes hot & humid climate.

Pruning: Train the Philodendron Broken Heart climber to grow on a moss stick by cutting off the unwanted growth every three months.

Propagation: Philodendron Broken Heart can be propagated by stem cuttings, air layering, or by offset.

Companion Plants: Ferns, Dracaena, Aralia, Spathiphyllum, Rhoeo.


Category Indoor Plants
Type of Plants Foliage Pattern Plants, Hanging Basket Plants, Moss Stick Plants
Ideal plants location Plants For Shaded Balconies
Maintenance Medium
Water Schedule Every alternate day
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor, Outdoor Shade Loving Plant
Speciality Dark green heart shaped, dissected leaves
Design Use Shady patches of a garden
Ideal Location Indoor decorative pots on moss sticks.


Product Weight 750 g
Product Height 30 cm
Product Depth 10 cm
Product Width 10 cm


Customer Reviews

Beautiful Review by Tejal
Looks so beautiful & low maintenance
Want to order more (Posted on 6/16/2017)
Ugaoo User Review Review by Usha Aind
Thank you a tonne ugaoo team for sending me this plant as a gift for suggesting to set up alerts for out of stock items.had been lookin all over for usual plant was delivered in record 2 days n it's as healthy as my other plants I got from friens were envious to jst see I got this exotic beauty from my fave shop.lookin forward to make more purchases.keep it up guys u jst rock. (Posted on 12/12/2016)
Ugaoo User Review Review by Chaaruvi
Good packaging. (Posted on 8/12/2016)
Ugaoo User Review Review by Ajeya
Very rare plant, I search on many websites but didn't find it. Thank you very much ugaoo for this plant. Plant was packed properly and got the delivery in only 3 days. I will highly recommend this site to everyone. :) (Posted on 7/20/2016)

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