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  1. Blitox 50W - 500gm - Fungicide Blitox 50W - 500gm - Fungicide

    Blitox 50W - 500gm

    Price: ₹370.00
    Blitox is a powerful fungicide that prevents the decay of your plants by Fruit Rot and Late/Early Blight. Learn More

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Hence, it is essential to spray them with insecticides and pesticides regularly to ensure disease free plant growth.
Insecticides are used to get rid of any insect infestation to the naked eye. Insecticides are sprayed on or near the plant. In other words the insecticides are used to get rid of the insects like Aphids, Beetles, Armyworms/Cutworms, Wood Borers, Weevils/Bark Beetles, Ants, Leaf Beetles, White Grubs, Seed Bugs, Clearwing Moths, Indian Meal Moth, Codling Moth, Ground Beetles, Millipedes, Peach Twig Borer, Thrips, Assassin Bugs, Hard Scales, Darkwing Fungus Gnats.
Pesticides are used as protection against pests that cause diseases. They work in a systematic way on the plants by getting inside the plants and then into the pests as they try to attack the plants. Not only microbial contamination but also pests like a red beetle, bed bugs, etc. are kept at bay with the use of pesticides.
All the gardens and farmlands often have unwanted weeds. There are products known as Weedicides that prevent these weeds from growing around the plant. Using these products is better than removing the weeds manually. The weedicides do not harm the plants but efficiently kill the weeds around it.
Fungicides help in keeping away the fungus infestations and prevent the occurrence of a whitish layer on the plant. Fungicides need to be sprayed directly on the plants or applied to the soil. It prevents diseases like blight, wilt, leaf spot, powdery mildew, etc. which often damage the plants.
Termiticides help in fighting the termites on the plants, garden or house. They help in keeping away as well as controlling the infestation of termites. These products can be used for construction purposes also.
Insects are on a rise if you have a garden at home. By using Household Insecticides you can get rid of insects like rats, lizards, mosquitoes, flies, and cockroaches. There are chemically concentrated remedies as well as organic household pest control supplies which are safer and help in getting rid of such insects efficiently.
The products by Ugaoo are branded and safe. Packaged in accurate dosage with proper instructions they offer the best of results.

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