White wax coating on leaves and stem

Initial leaves, buds, tender stems are covered with such mealybugs and secrets sticky white substance which look as wax coating on leaves, stem.

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Symptom - White wax coating on leaves and stem


1. Infestations are usually first noticed as a fluffy white wax produced in the leaf axils or other sheltered places on the plant. 2. This makes plants sticky and giving leaf and stem surfaces a blackened appearance. 3. Severe infestations will reduce plant vigour and stunt growth. 4. Heavy infestations may cause premature leaf fall. 5.Root mealybugs are also covered in a white waxy substance and found on plant roots.

Control Measures

1. Dead leaves and prunings should be removed as these may have mealybugs or eggs on them. 2. It can be simpler to dispose of heavily infested plants rather than try to eliminate mealybugs. 3.Plants in flower should not be sprayed due to the danger to pollinating insects.

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