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Root Beer - 100 ml

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Description For Root Beer - 100 ml

Root Beer contains polyvalant combination of phosphate solubilizing fungii as well as trichoderma sp which helps in fighting root rotting fungii in soil. Phosphate solubilizing fungii helps in getting the phosphate manure in absorbable form which in tern helps the formation of new white roots. While trichoderma fights off the root rotting agents to give the healthy plant growth. Root Beer is highly recommended at the regular intervals but mainly at the time of seed sowing, transplantation of seedling and at the root zone of grown plants.


Technical Content Biofertilizer for root growth
Dosage Add 3 to 5 ml per liter of water and apply near the root zone of plants.
Application Type Sprayer


Product Weight 210 g
Product Height 12 cm
Product Width 6 cm
Product Depth 6 cm


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