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Star Phlox Mix Seeds


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Star Phlox Mix Seeds

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Description For Star Phlox Mix Seeds

Extremely colorful this plant variety forms the focal point in any garden. They prefer full sun and grow well in June, July and August. The best part about these plants is that they do not need deadheading and are self cleaning.

How to grow Star Phlox flower from Seeds:

Introduction and Uses: Phlox is one of the most popular and favorite annuals grown for its brilliant display and long-lasting blooming period. This free flowering plant is easy to cultivate.

The flowers are delicately scented, with a wide range of colors such as pure white, several shades of pink, vermillion, crimson, violet and purple, and many are with contrasting ‘eyes’. Star Phlox has fringed flowers and pointed petals, giving the flowers a star-like shape. It is excellent for flower beds, borders and as cut flowers, and window boxes.

Botanical Name: Phlox drummondii var. stellaris

Common Name: Annual phlox

Family: Polemoniaceae

Plant Origin: Texas, New Mexico (U.S.A.)

Propagation Method: Seed sowing (Direct or transplantation)

Flowering/ Growing Season: Winter

Sunlight Requirement: Full sun (6-8 hours), Partial sunlight (3-4 hours)

Plant Height: 25-45 cm

Growing Method of Phlox Flower:

  • Phlox is grown by transplantation method.
  • Seeds are sown between August-November. In a mild climate like Bangalore, sowing can be started from June-July.
  • Seeds are sown thinly in nursery beds/ seed pans/seedling trays.
  • Fine sandy soil is required for seedbed (Outdoors), or coco peat is used as sowing medium for seedling trays (Indoors).
  • Before sowing the seeds, soil/coco peat should be made slightly moist.
  • Immediately after sowing the seeds, watering should be done carefully with a fine rose-can.
  • Seedlings are allowed to grow on seedbeds/trays kept in semi-shade.
  • After about a month, seedlings are transplanted in pots or flower beds.
  • Seedlings should be transplanted in high-quality rich soil or potting mixture.
  • Seeds can be sown directly in permanent flower beds also, and this results in early flowering.

  • Planting Distance: The seedlings are transplanted 15-30 cm apart. For pot culture, 25 cm pots are used, and about five seedlings can be grown per pot.

    Watering: Water twice or thrice a week to keep the soil moist.

    Feeding: Star Phlox grows well in calcareous loamy soil, rich in humus and organic manure.

    Plant care: Powdery mildew affects the foliage and tender branches, first appearing as greyish white spots and then spreads rapidly. Spray Fungicides: fungicides to control the disease.

    Bloom time: The plant flowers after 3 to 3.5 months after sowing. Buy variety of flower seeds online.

    Pinching: Tips of young seedlings are pinched off to avoid bushy growth and early flowering.


    Spacing (Row to Row X Plant to Plant) 20 cm x 20 cm
    Germination Time Germination will take place in 10 - 12 days from sowing
    Fertilizer Chemicals: Suphala or Urea - 5 g Per Plant. Organic: Neemcake or Vermicompost - 10 g Per Plant.
    Season of Sowing Winter


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    Good Quality Review by Rasmin
    They are just the perfect height, brilliantly colored and have always grown lavishly. (Posted on 9/27/2018)

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