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Caring for both indoor and outdoor plants is of vital importance. Every garden needs good plant care supplies to help the plants thrive, grow properly and look visually appealing. There are various products available in the market that help in keeping the garden healthy and flourishing, but only a few give the best results. The products available for Plant protection help in avoiding plant diseases and pest infestations. Some are available in the form of concentrated chemical liquids that can be diluted and used directly on the plants to give faster results, while others are organic products that give the same results as the chemical ones but act gradually and take time. There is a different category of products that helps in plant growth. These products help to stimulate and boost the ideal growth of a plant. Products under this category too are available as chemical or organic liquids and granules. The use of organic products is recommended as they do not harm the plants. It improves the soil structure and its overall quality of the natural materials like the organic matter and humus added to it. Unlike the chemical fertilizers, they avoid burning the plant roots by slowly oozing out the nutrients. In the case of edible plants, it is always advisable to use organic fertilizers and not the chemical ones. At Ugaoo, we have chosen products that give best results and are validated by quality regulating bodies in India. We have thoroughly tested the products, and they ensure the best of results.



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