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Garden decor is the game changer for home gardeners, they not only make your plants look beautiful but also serve a lot of other purposes. Explore our complete range of garden decoration items and garden accessories such as coloured pebbles to improve your garden decor.


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With indoor gardening becoming more and more widespread by the day, the most well designed and appealing homes have indoor plants. Garden decor and garden decoration items set your garden apart from another home garden also giving you a choice to personalise your garden as per your own taste.
Garden accessories can also help you design your garden as per specific themes like a desert garden or a tropical garden or a fairy garden for your kid’s rooms. Using garden accessories is also a good way to initiate kids into gardening by allowing them to change the decor as per their imagination and then slowly motivating them into taking care of their own plants, which is a very healthy hobby.

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▶ If you have indoor plants, you know that in some cases the sight of bare topsoil does not look good, especially on coffee tables or study tables. Thai is where coloured pebbles come to the rescue. Coloured pebbles not only help cover the soil making the entire plant more beautiful but they also help keep the moisture in for longer reducing your watering efforts. Coloured pebbles are one of the most loved and easiest to use garden decoration items that can be reused for eternity and can be customised as per your decor.
▶ If you have a minimalist decor theme you can select black or grey coloured pebbles to go with your theme or if you have a bohemian home then you can choose from multicoloured pebbles. A beach house theme can select white coloured pebbles for a more open feel while some pebbles like blue, red or orange coloured pebbles can be used as accents.
▶ Garden decoration items and coloured pebbles are also great if you have an aquarium or you are growing aquatic plants. They are also great if you have a propagation station for water propagation.


What can i do with pebbles?

You can use pebbles to decorate your plants. cover the topsoil to avoid weed growth, Pebbles are also great for terrarium and succulent arrangements.

Where should pebbles be placed in my home garden?

You can use pebbles on the topsoil for decorative purpose or use it in the base plate to maintain the humidity around your plants.

Can I put pebbles over soil?

Yes, you can place your pebbles over soil.

Are pebbles good for drainage?

Yes, pebbles are a great way to improve drainage in potting mix.

How do pebbles work with humidity?

You can place the pebbles in the base plate and fill it with water and place you planter on top of the pebbles. The evaporation of water from the base plate creates a humid microclimate around the plant.