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Express your style and enhance your aesthetics with Ugaoo’s range of functional and beautiful garden accessories. Shop from our exclusive range of garden accessories and effortlessly elevate your gardens!


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Garden Decor & Accessories for Your Home Garden

One’s garden is always a prized possession. Much like a passion project that you start, growing it from scratch and making it look & feel absolutely stunning. So, when you are already giving your garden the best of all care, why not also make it look beautiful?
With Ugaoo’s range of garden accessories you can decorate your garden and elevate its aesthetics to display your style or personality. These garden decoration items are designed to be affordable luxury, giving your home gardens - whether indoor or outdoor - an enhanced and sleek finish, every step of the way!
Whether you’re looking for minimalistic, neutral colors or more whimsy and bright colors, we’ve got you covered! From coloured pebbles to barbeque grills for outdoor gardens, you can choose from a wide variety of options!

Versatility and Durability: For Your Gardens Indoors and Outdoors

If you’re a plant enthusiast like us, you must be very familiar with the desire to keep adding to your plant collection. Not only that but also, making your garden look its absolute best is another all-too-familiar feeling for all us gardeners - new and experienced! So, whether you’re just starting out or have been gardening for a while now, you can choose to elevate your spaces by shopping from our range of garden accessories online!
This range brings you the best of functionality, aesthetics, and versatility. With all our products giving you the guarantee of durability and endurance through rough usage, you can rest assured that these garden accessories will adorn your garden for a long time. Of course, these products see no differences between the size of your gardens or the plants that reside in it. They fit into every gardening like the last missing piece of a puzzle that you just found!
Find the best decorative garden items online with Ugaoo and leave your garden feeling like a drop-dead stunner!

Garden Decor Products to Choose From

We believe that the smallest things can take your interiors from average to unforgettable and after all, it’s the small details that really tie it all together! So, we bring you a wide range of decorative stones and garden pebbles to add to the smallest details of your decorations. These decorative pebbles can adorn your garden in various ways - from forming borders for your outdoor gardens to sitting between your indoor plant pots to create an elegant aesthetic. Available in a variety of colors - from black and white to ruby and sea blue - these pebbles can fit in anywhere and play their part effortlessly. You can also find these coloured pebbles in a range of shapes and sizes!
Another garden decor item that we believe can really tie the garden and your family together is a barbecue grill! If you’re on the lookout for something compact and easily portable, we believe you don’t need to look any further. Additionally, if you’re into something more grounded and stable, our Barbecue Grill with a Stand will not let you down! These are the perfect subtle garden accessories that have the capacity to tie all loose ends together.

The Ugaoo Promise

At Ugaoo, we believe in only the best. We pay attention to the detail that any other might miss, ensuring that your gardening experience is seamless all-round. This includes providing the best garden decor and accessories along with plants & plant care products! There is no limit to our imagination and we believe in letting our creativity run wild. So, we bring you the promise of durability, great quality, and functional aesthetics with our exclusive range of garden accessories! With this, you can let your imagination take you anywhere and decorate your garden in every way you please. Afterall, you will only find what’s best for your garden with us.
Shop for garden decorative items online in India with Ugaoo!


What can i do with pebbles?

You can use pebbles to decorate your plants. cover the topsoil to avoid weed growth, Pebbles are also great for terrarium and succulent arrangements.

Where should pebbles be placed in my home garden?

You can use pebbles on the topsoil for decorative purpose or use it in the base plate to maintain the humidity around your plants.

Can I put pebbles over soil?

Yes, you can place your pebbles over soil.

Are pebbles good for drainage?

Yes, pebbles are a great way to improve drainage in potting mix.

How do pebbles work with humidity?

You can place the pebbles in the base plate and fill it with water and place you planter on top of the pebbles. The evaporation of water from the base plate creates a humid microclimate around the plant.