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The secret to a happy garden is good quality manure and fertilizer. Ugaoo sells a range of best in class and organic compost manure, manure soil, and other soil fertilizer for plant growth. Our fertilizers also work well as succulent fertilizers and are the best organic fertilizer. Check out our complete range of fertilizers for plants that are natural fertilizers to boost growth.


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Potting Mix, Fertilizers, and Manure for Plants and Your Garden

One of the best ways to do right by your plants is to get them the right kind of care as and when needed. This can be in the form of the correct soil, manure, and fertilizers. You must know and understand the exact requirements of your plants so that you can ensure their optimal growth.
Different types of organic fertilizers for plants also boost and enhance different aspects of plant growth; meaning pinpointing what booster your plants need is vital.

Natural Fertilizers for Plants: What Your Plants Need

Just like we need food to survive, plants require some kind of balanced feed to ensure that they grow well. While you could do everything to ensure this, sometimes you just have to do a little bit more. That’s where organic fertilizers for plants come in. These fertilizers are made from 100% organic materials and usually release nutrients into the soil slowly, ensuring balanced plant food for your green companions.
Whether you’re making use of liquid fertilizers, granules, powder-form, or tablets, Ugaoo’s carefully curated range of organic fertilizers will bring you unparalleled nutrition for your plants which will ensure all-round nutrition and happy plants!

Why Your Plants Need The Perfect Potting Mix: Pot-o-Mix to the Rescue

At Ugaoo, we believe that even the smallest details are important, which is why we pay extra attention to every little detail to ensure that your plants’ care requirements will always be met. With our potting mixes, we ensure that all our plants get only the perfect housing quality in terms of the soil they grow in. Of course, every plant has different requirements. That’s why our potting mix & Pot-O-Mix and their compositions differ for each plant! A Peace Lily will have different compositions, whereas a Jade Plant might have something different.
In our potting mix, we have mixtures of red soil and cow manure for plants. On the other hand, our Pot-O-Mix is a mixture of around 12 organic materials that ensure unparalleled quality for your plants.

The Best of Plant Care: Options You Can Choose From

All requirements of all your plants can be met if only you listen to them and find out exactly what they may be lacking. These requirements, once pinpointed, can effortlessly be fulfilled by Ugaoo’s range of organic garden fertilizers, different types of manure for plants, and other plant growth supplements.

1. Organic Manure for Plants

Our Organic Manure is perfect for giving your plants a little boost in the growth department. You can mix in this manure with soil in the amounts that are deemed appropriate according to the packet and the requirements of your plants.

2. Grow TAB Plant Fertilizer

The Grow TAB is your instant solution for plant growth. If you feel like your plants are in need of a little extra push in terms of growth, you can make use of this plant fertilizer by dissolving the tablet in a liter of water and applying directly to the roots or spraying on the plant for the best results.

3. Bone Meal for Plants

This bone meal fertilizer is made from fish bones and decomposed in a sterile environment along with other organic compounds. This helps promote better microbes in soil and root growth for healthier soil. It also helps to increase the phosphorus content in the soil, thus further ensuring proper growth.

4. Plant Tonic Liquid Fertilizer

This tonic has been specially formulated for application to roots and foliage. It enriches both soil and plants, supplying essential nutrients and bio-stimulants. Plant Tonic is a liquid fertilizer, easy and ready to use, making it the perfect feeding companion for your indoor and outdoor plants.

5. Plant Growth Sticks

Super easy to use and convenient for all potted plants, these plant growth sticks are the perfect option for all those days when you don’t have enough time. One stick can last you 45-60 days and all you have to do is insert it into the soil. After that, the stick will release nutrients needed by your plants every time you water them. It doesn’t get easier than this!


Can manure burn plants?

No. manures are organic sources of plant nutrition and do not burn plants.

Can I put manure on top of soil?

Yes, you can put manure on top of soil

Why do we need to mix manure with soil?

Mixing manure with soil serves many purposes. It improves soil quality, reduces the weight of potting mix, aerates the soil, and provides constant nutrition to the plants"How much manure should I mix with soil? "

How much manure should I mix with soil?

You can mix any quantity of manure with soil. AT the very least let the manure be one fifth of the potting mix or you can also use a half and half mix.

How long does manure lasts in soil?

Mature gets used by plants slowly over time, replenish the manure in your potted plants by adding a handful every month and then refreshing the potting mix every year or two.