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The secret to a happy garden is good quality manure and fertilizer. Ugaoo sells a range of best in class and organic compost manure, manure soil, and other soil fertilizer for plant growth. Our fertilizers also work well as succulent fertilizers and are the best organic fertilizer. Check out our complete range of fertilizers for plants that are natural fertilizers to boost growth.


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Compost manure & Soil

Discoloured leaves are a major source of worry for all plant parents and no plant parent can escape the curse of yellowing or browning leaves forever. All plant problems are not caused by insects or diseases, some symptoms are an indication of nutrient deficiency or overload caused by too much manure and fertiliser. Plant nutrient imbalances can often be seen as either discoloration of leaves or misshapen growth. These symptoms are unfortunately misread because the tell-tale signs are so common with other plant issues or are a combination of several issues.
Plants require a few different kinds of nutrients to stay healthy and grow at a good rate. Nutrients that the plants need in larger quantities are called macronutrients, namely nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, also known as NPK, calcium, sulphur, and magnesium. Other nutrients required in comparatively lesser quantities, called micronutrients, include boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc.

Different kinds of fertilizers for plants

Let's take a look at different kinds of plant fertilisers:

➡ Organic fertilizer:

One of the best options for home gardens, organic fertilisers are a healthy long term soulton and the best fertilizer for plant growth. They act to slowly improve not only the plant health but making the soil also healthier for sustainable plant growth. Organic fertilisers also do not impact the environment negatively and are great for the overall health of your family especially if you're growing vegetables at home.

Compost manure:

is basically broken down organic matter that works as excellent fertilizer for plant growth. Compost manure can be made at home by composting your kitchen waste in a composting bin for a zero waste lifestyle. Compost manure is a wholesome way of providing nutrients to the plants in smaller more digestible form and helping mimic the native growing environment of plants.

Vermicompost for plants:

When organic matter is broken down with the help of earthworms in a controlled environment so that the byproduct is an excellent grade compost for plants that can be used easily for better plant growth. Vermicompost for plants also helps improve soil drainage and aeration for healthier roots.

Bone meal fertilizer:

Made from dried and pulverised poultry and fish bones, teh bone meal fertilizer is an excellent source of micro and macro nutrients for plants. The bone meal fertilizer can be added at the time of potting mixed in with the soil and replenished every 3 to 4 months for continued growth.

Succulent fertilizer:

Succulents grow in the desert and need a very specific grade of fertiliser that mimics their native growing conditions. succulent fertilisers are excellent at providing all essential micro and macro nutrients to the plants and working as the complete fertilizer for plant growth.

➡ Chemical fertiliser:

They are a faster acting fertiliser option than organic fertilisers and need to be administered in the prescribed quantities to ensure that you do not overfeed the plants. They show immediate improvement in plant health and are excellent for all plants including ornamental plants, flowering plants, and vegetable plants.

Manure and fertilizer

Manures and fertilisers are the best option as overfeeding does not impact the plant health negatively and they also do not harm the environment in any way. Especially when growing food with natural fertilisers like manure. Compost, or leaf mulch is a great way for a healthier garden and completely organic food for you and your family. Use of fertilisers is essential for a healthy plant as plants in pots are cut off from the ecosystem and need regular fertilizer for plant growth.


Can manure burn plants?

No. manures are organic sources of plant nutrition and do not burn plants.

Can I put manure on top of soil?

Yes, you can put manure on top of soil

Why do we need to mix manure with soil?

Mixing manure with soil serves many purposes. It improves soil quality, reduces the weight of potting mix, aerates the soil, and provides constant nutrition to the plants"How much manure should I mix with soil? "

How much manure should I mix with soil?

You can mix any quantity of manure with soil. AT the very least let the manure be one fifth of the potting mix or you can also use a half and half mix.

How long does manure lasts in soil?

Mature gets used by plants slowly over time, replenish the manure in your potted plants by adding a handful every month and then refreshing the potting mix every year or two.