Gardening Tools One Must Keep At Home For Easy Gardening

Gardening Tools One Must Keep At Home For Easy Gardening

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Having a bit of greenery around can make you feel relaxed and at peace. Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle does not support active labouring in the open air. However, you may get some exercise and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin by taking up gardening. Do not despair when you live in an apartment though. You are welcome to indulge in gardening on your balcony and even placing plants on your windowsill. Working with soil and plants requires certain skills. Moreover, you cannot tend to your garden properly unless you have the right gardening tools.

The tools required are pretty simple. You do not have to bother using power tools or complex electrical equipment for your home garden. Begin by sourcing a simple gardening tool kit. Check the list below to know how you can ease your labour by using the best tools.


  • Gloves

  • Well, this is an absolute must! You will be working with your hands by handling the soil, watering the plants, and pulling out weeds. Make sure to protect your hands with a sturdy pair of gloves that will allow you to do the needful without injury.

  • Trowel

  • This tool is included in a set that contains all the basic gardening tools required to grow and care for houseplants. It is a multifunctional tool that will help you to make holes in the soil and plant the saplings as needed. Transplanting the plants and pulling out the weeds can also be done by wielding the trowel.

  • Spade

  • Digging the soil properly to ensure the flow of nutrients to the roots of the plants necessitates the use of a quality spade. It is an essential gardening tool that is used widely for various purposes. You may use it for the simple cultivation of kitchen vegetables as well. Digging deep holes, spreading the compost evenly into the soil, and rearranging the flower beds can all be done effectively with a garden spade. It comes with a sharp blade that can double up as a plant cutter too.

  • Watering Can

  • You cannot avoid using watering tools for gardening can when you are interested in growing plants. From moistening the soil to watering the plant and transplanting it to an appropriate spot, you would be able to do any work successfully unless you have one of the most important gardening equipment which is a watering container/can.  While the can is a conventional container for watering garden plants, you may use a mug, jar, or bottle as well.

  • Plant Cutter Tools

  • Growing fruits at one corner of the garden is exciting. Not only do you get an opportunity to watch a tiny plant grow into a massive tree but you also get to reap the benefits. You need to take adequate care, however. Apart from running and watering, you may have to trim the branches or harvest fruits at the right time by using a straight or curved blade. Feel free to use a specialized fruit harvester blade to collect the ripe fruits straight from the tree.

  • Hoe

  • The gardening tools set is not complete unless you add a quality hoe. This is one of the most essential tools that you must keep handy. You will be able to attend to most of the heavy tasks including cultivating the soil perfectly. This is a multifunctional tool that will serve your purpose admirably. Gardening care will become easy once you get it from a reputed source.

  • Rake 

  • Use the rake to rearrange the soil when growing plants. Keep your garden neat and clean by removing the dry leaves and debris from the surface. Scooping up the leaves, gathering the soil, and flattening the surface can be done successfully with the rake. The sharp end may be used to cut through the compacted rocks. You are welcome to use a combo tool of rake and trowel to streamline the tasks.

  • Pruner

  • If you want more effective gardening tools, use a pruner, a pair of shears, or garden scissors to get more creative. Shape the hedges as you want to or cut them using this tool. The pruner will help you keep the garden well organised and tidy. Insist on a small-sized one that is more effective for your needs. You are welcome to use a straight or curved pruning tool as per the need.


This is not an exhaustive list. Your choice of gardening tools will depend on the specific plants that you wish to grow in your garden.


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There are numerous gardening tools available to make gardening easy and time effective. You may invest in tools keep the garden neat and organised as well. Your needs il grow as you master the skills. Feel free to buy more complex equipment including power tools, electrical equipment as well as dual purpose plant cutter tools as you need.


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