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Ceramic pots are a decor enthusiast’s best friend. Ceramic plant pots make your plant look good and your home party ready in no time. Ugaoo has the widest range of premium ceramic pots online. Choose from a selection of ceramic plant pots for all rooms, ceramic pots for indoor plants and ceramic flower pots in all colours, shapes and sizes.


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Ceramic plant pots

Ceramic plant pots are one of the most beautiful things to have happened to home gardening. While everyone might have the same plants you can personalise your garden and leave an unreplicable personal signature with your use of ceramic pots. Ceramic plant pots come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are excellent for plants. The new age ceramic pots online are easy to use and clean and can fit in almost any decor theme for both indoor and outdoor gardens.

Kinds of Ceramic planters

Let's take a look at the different kinds of ceramic planters available for sale online in India.

▶ Modern minimalist:

These ceramic flower pots are a great fit for any Indian home. Their non-imposing nature means they will never clash with your decor style, but if you have a modern Indian home then these minimalist ceramic pots will improve your decor game.

▶ Printed:

Don't like minimal ceramic flower pots, the prints are to your rescue. Thanks to screen printing ceramic pots for sale now come with all kinds of prints in a plethora of colours and motifs. So adda little boho chic to your homes with printed ceramic plant pots.

▶ Quirky:

Ceramic pots in different shapes or motifs that have quirky texts or colours and motifs on them add a young vibe to any space. These ceramic plant pots are shaped like a variety of objects and add a fun vibe to your home.

▶ Sculptural:

These indoor ceramic plant pots (can also be used outdoors) are crafted to perfection to give a luxury feel to any space with sculptural components like surface design or textures to add interest and depth to the ceramic planter.

▶ Bust:

These ceramic pots online resemble a face or grecian bust and are great for adding drama and pulling interest to specific corners. These indoor ceramic plants pots are also great conversation starters.

▶ Moroccan:

Who doesn't love the symmetry and colours of Moroccan ceramic flower pots .They add a refreshing look to your plants and contrast beautifully with their shape and colours.

▶ Blue Pottery:

The Jaipur Blue Pottery ceramic planters online will never go out of style. Hand Painted and then baked to perfection, these planters are everything you need to achieve the breezy greek holiday destination look. These are both ceramic pots for indoor plants as well as for outdoor plants.

▶ Old style:

These are the more traditionally shaped ceramic plant pots. They are timeless and lend a sense of nostalgia to any home. These ceramic planters online are a great addition to any garden.

▶ Hanging:

Everyone in urban homes is short of space and hanging planters in plastic don't look all that chic, and we have ceramic hanging planters for your rescue. These are hung either with the help of ropes or metal chains and add a very chic look to your hanging plants.

▶ Self watering:

If you are a new gardener, ceramic self-watering planters are a great way to start gardening. They ease the burden of gardening and correct watering while also looking chic.

Ceramic Pots for Indoor Plants

Ugaoo has a wide range of indoor ceramic plant pots that come individually and also in sets to lend your home a more cohesive look. To buy ceramic pots for indoor plants from Ugaoo as we offer your doorstep delivery and guaranteed replacements in case of damaged products.


Do plants live better in ceramic planters?

Plants not only look better in ceramic planters but also live better in ceramic planters as compared to plastic or fiber planters. All our ceramic planters online have a drainage hole at the bottom to save your plants from overwatering. They keep the soil cool and the roots healthy.

Which Plants are suitable for Ceramic Pots?

All plants can be grown in ceramic pots. Ceramic pots are great for all plants and they live a very healthy life in them. Indoor plants look especially good in ceramic planters of different styles and they also add to the decor of your home. However hanging ceramic planters is not a great idea from a safety perspective till proper arrangements are made.

Do the indoor ceramic plant pots hold moisture?

Yes, indoor ceramic plant pots hold ample moisture. All our ceramic pots come with a drainage hole at the bottom to let the excess water drain out and only retain the right amount of moisture to help your plants thrive.

Are ceramic plant pots safe?

Yes, ceramic plant pots are safe to use at home. They are a great option for all plants and help them thrive. They are long-lasting and easy to maintain. A premium quality ceramic planter from Ugaoo not only looks great but is safe to use as both tabletop and floor planters.

Is it necessary to put rocks at the bottom of a planter?

If you are using a very well-draining potting mix that allows the water to drain immediately and does not compact on drying up then adding rocks at the bottom is not necessary. However, if your potting mix is not that well-draining and is loamier then adding a layer of large stones at the bottom ensures drainage of excess water and prevents the drainage hole from getting clogged.