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Metal planters are the quickest way to turn your home into a chic place worthy of a decor magazine. Metal plant pots come in all shapes and sizes and finishes from glossy to matte and Ugaoo boasts of one other widest ranges of metal planters online India. Metal flower pots can fit into any home and are great for both indoor and outdoor plants.


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About Metallic planters

With instagram ruling the world and home decor not being confined to the wealthy anymore, decorating your home is a trend that is here to stay. Combine this with indoor plants and planters are the best decor items you can have for your home.
One of the best kinds of indoor planters are metal planters. Metallic planters not only look chic, the very fact that they are made of metal ensures that they are a forever investment.

Let's take a look at what makes metal planters the best choice for indoor plants:
➡ Metal planters are highly durable and they can be used easily with all kinds of plants .
➡ Metallic planters come in a variety of finishes from lux gold and silver to mid century modern rustic finish and galvanised industrial finish.
➡ Metal pots for indoor plants are easy to use, easier to transfer. Their light weight ensures that they can be moved and cleaned very easily.
➡ Metal flower pots come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are moulded in all kinds of styles.
➡ Metal pots for indoor plants in gold and silver finishes are a great fit for Indian decor aesthetics making them great for Indian homes.
➡ Metal planters lend an instant luxe feel to the entire space and up the decor by their mere presence.
➡ Once the metal pots for indoor plants get old, they can be easily repainted with spray paint to give them a new look.

Metal Plant Pots

Metal plant pots do not have drainage holes and plants cannot be planted directly in it and all the plants need to be planted in plastic planters.Everytime you water your plants, you have to take them out of the metal flower pot and place them back in after all the water drains out.
Metal Plant Pots can also be used both indoors and outdoors gardens and be used as metal pots for indoor plants. Metal pots add character to balconies in groups to create a green corner.
There are other options like hanging metal plant pots that not only save space and allow you to have an indoor garden. Hanging metal pots are not only light weight, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes and colours to suit all plant forms and shapes.

Buy Metal Planters

To buy metal planters online you can check out the wide range of metal planters available online with Ugaoo. To buy metal pots online, decide where you want to place them to select the best metal pots from the entire range of planters available online.


Can i grow plants in metal pots?

You can place our self watering planters in your metal planters. Avoid potting your plants directly into metal planters.

Is metal planter good for plants to grow?

Metal planters add a lot of beauty and charm to your plant beauties and you can use our self-watering planters inside your metal planter.

Where should i place metallic pot in house?

Ugaoo offers a wide range of metallic planters that are a perfect fit for all homes. Our metal are premium quality and look great year after year.

How do you clean metal flower pots?

Use soap water solution to wash you planters. DO NOT scrub your metal planters and use a soft cloth to dry it as soon as possible.

What should I do to prevent metal planters from rusting?

All ugaoo planters are premium quality planters that do not rust over time under proper care. However, to avoid wetting your metal planters and if you do spill water dry it as soon as possible. Do not plant your plants directly into metal planter. You can also use a clear coat spray to further waterproof your metal planters.