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Metal planters are the quickest way to turn your home into a chic place worthy of a decor magazine. Metal plant pots come in all shapes and sizes and finishes from glossy to matte and Ugaoo boasts of one other widest ranges of metal planters online India. Metal flower pots can fit into any home and are great for both indoor and outdoor plants.


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Metal Planters: The Ace of All Planters

Chic, elegant, and timeless - metal planters have it all! They effortlessly grace any room with the most stunning, sophisticated aesthetics to help you uplift your home decor. So, if you’re unsure about what to do with your space while decorating, however you’re still looking for something versatile and timeless to help you create a memorable masterpiece, metal planters are your answer.
However, metal pots for indoor plants do not come with in-built drainage holes due to which they cannot be used as pots. They have to be used specifically as planters with the potted plant being kept in a well-draining pot inside the planter.

Metal Pots for Plants: What Benefits Do They Offer?

Metal planters make for visually striking and memorable centerpieces for your plants to reside in. But pretty faces are not all they are! Here are a few benefits that metal planters have to offer:

1. They Require Minimal Maintenance

Caring for plants may seem like a daunting task to you but when you opt for the convenience of metal planters, there isn’t much you have to worry about. They don’t need to be looked after much and can easily get by if you clean them every once in a while with a cloth. They also don’t tend to accumulate too much dirt which ensures a relatively cleaner environment for your plants.

2. Metal Planters are Durable

Ugaoo’s Metal planters are made with strong and high-quality materials which means that these planters are more durable than the rest. They are also unbreakable and dropping them does not pose any kind of a risk. These metal plant pots are designed to withstand various weather conditions, adding to their durability.

3. Versatility Peaks With Metal Pots for Plants

Whether you’re looking for plain metal pots or metal decorative planters, our carefully selected range of metal planters has you covered! The designs of these planters are versatile and bring you a variety of options to choose from. The versatile designs of these planters ensure that they can fit in wherever you may want to place them.

4. Unique Aesthetics

From charming rustic planters to more modern & sophisticated ones, our range of metal planters for potted plants brings you a wide range of unique aesthetics. So, whether you’re looking to create a rustic, cottage-like garden or a more posh-looking balcony garden, these planters have your back.

5. Pest-Resistant

Metal planters are astonishingly pest-resistant which means that you don’t have to worry about them catching any pest infestations. Whether it’s burrowing pests or crawling ones, they generally have no affinity to metal surfaces thus ensuring the safety of your planters.

Metal Flower Pots or Plant Pots: There’s Something for Everyone

Shop for premium metal planters online and find something for all your plants! Here are a few options that you can choose from:

1. Elegance Planters

Uniting durability with aesthetics, these planters are astoundingly true to their name. With an oozing elegance and undeniable charm, these golden metal planters are the perfect addition to your posh-looking gardens. With their perfect finishing and unique textures, you can add a rustic and whimsical charm to your gardens with ease!

2. RidgeCraft Cylindrical Planters

These rustic and comforting metal plant pots are crafted with precision to add a modern charm to your gardens. If you have ever looked at cottage gardens that give off a homely vibe and have wanted that for your own gardens, these planters will give you just what you need! Effortlessly beautiful and graceful, there’s simply nothing more one could want.

3. Gunmetal Goblet Planters

Coming in two different colors, the Gunmetal Goblet planters are like those statement decor pieces that you just have to have. With these planters you can redefine the way you decorate with plants and give yourself the upper hand in the game of indoor decor!


Can i grow plants in metal pots?

You can place our self watering planters in your metal planters. Avoid potting your plants directly into metal planters.

Is metal planter good for plants to grow?

Metal planters add a lot of beauty and charm to your plant beauties and you can use our self-watering planters inside your metal planter.

Where should i place metallic pot in house?

Ugaoo offers a wide range of metallic planters that are a perfect fit for all homes. Our metal are premium quality and look great year after year.

How do you clean metal flower pots?

Use soap water solution to wash you planters. DO NOT scrub your metal planters and use a soft cloth to dry it as soon as possible.

What should I do to prevent metal planters from rusting?

All ugaoo planters are premium quality planters that do not rust over time under proper care. However, to avoid wetting your metal planters and if you do spill water dry it as soon as possible. Do not plant your plants directly into metal planter. You can also use a clear coat spray to further waterproof your metal planters.