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Don't like plants on your floor, plant stands are what you need at home. Pot stands elevate your plants and free up your floor space. Flower pot stands are also essential for easy maintenance of plants. Ugaoo has an extensive range of plant stands indoor and also premium plant stands for multiple plants.


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Pot Stand

The problem with keeping plants on the floor is that they take up space and cleaning around them becomes difficult. What takes even more space is when you want to create a green corner in your home or a plant cluster in your balcony garden. This is where plant stands come to help.
A plant stand is the solution to all space saving worries of a modern home and its indoor garden. It is generally made of metal and wood strong enough to take the load of the indoor planters. So let’s take a look at how a pot stand or a plant stand helps us-
1. A plant stand helps save space and add more plants to your home garden.
2. It allows you to move your plants easily for cleaning or changing the green corner as per your decor choices.
3. A flower pot stand allows you to see your plants at an elevated eye level making it easier to keep track of their health and watering and fertilising them regularly.
4. When you use a gamla stand for your outdoor garden it allows the water to drain out freely without the risk of the floor blocking the drainage hole.
5. A plant stand indoor can also be an excellent decor accessory to add character to your space.

Plant Pot Stands

While there are many plant pot stands or flower pot stands available in the market, one of the best ranges of products can be found on Ugaoo. Being a gardening company specialising in plants, our plant stands have been tested from the perspective of what’s good for plants and how easy it will be to maintain your indoor garden with the help of the pot stand.

Let’s take a look at the different kind of plant stands available-

1. Metal plant stands:

They are the best option because of their structural strength, ease of use and longevity. They are great for keeping heavier plants and can be cleaned with ease.

2. Wooden plant stands:

The wooden flower pot stands are the more aesthetically pleasing option for sure and they are sturdy, but they cannot be kept wet for prolonged periods of time making them a great option for plant stands indoor but not outdoor.

3. Plastic plant stands:

These are cheaper than all other available options but they do not offer the same structural integrity as the wooden or metal flower pot stand. They also have a shorter use span.

4. Single tier pot stand:

These flower pot stands are generally meant for individual planters or if they are longer they can be used to keep more than one plant pot at the same level. They generally are used for elevating the plant from the floor.

5. Multi tier pot stand:

These pot stands or flower pot stands have more than one tier and are great for creating your own green corner in the least amount of space possible. They are also great for adding gardening decor accessories and creating your own indoor jungle.

The metal flower pot stands or gamla stands are great for outdoor spaces as they keep the planters elevated making it difficult for small insects or ants to make a home under your planter and eat the roots or form colonies. One other very good way to keep your plants off the floor are hanging plant stands. They can be either hung from the ceiling or from the iron grill in your windows. These hanging plant stands are a great space saving option and a saviour if you have pets at home.