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Plastic plant pots are the most versatile, easy to use and long lasting option for any gardener. Check out our range of plastic flower pots and other plastic pots for your garden. Ugaoo not only sells premium metal pots and ceramic pots, but also easy to use plastic planters. 


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Plastic plant pots

In the age of gardening if there is one thing as important as the plants itself it is the planters that the plants grow in. The plant pots are not important just for show they play several important roles such as protecting the roots from temperature shocks, holding in the moisture, proper drainage and also allowing them to breathe.
Based on uses, there are several kinds of planters available online and Ugaoo has a wide variety of planters online. Some of our online plant pots varieties are metallic planters, ceramic pots, plastic plant pots, grow bags for plants, jute grow bags for plants, reusable plant pots, planters made of sustainable materials and so on to name a few.

USPs of Plastic pots

While there are many materials available for plant pots today, nothing can beat the functionality of plastic plant pots or plastic flower pots. Let's look at some USPs of plastic pots-
1. Plastic plant pots are easy to use. Their lightweight nature and variety of shapes make them fit almost any setting. They can be moved easily and do not add to the weight of the plant planter set up.
2. Plastic planters are highly durable. Good quality plastic planters online on Ugaoo are made from premium grade plastic to last in any setting outdoor or indoor and and not break down.
3. Plastic flower pots come in a variety of colours, textures, finishes, and aesthetics. Some plastic planters have been moulded and designed to resemble concrete planters or marble planters without the hassle of owning ether.
4. Good quality plastic pots online add a chic and sophisticated look to your decor without the fear of breaking or getting damaged with use.
5. Plastic plant pots can be washed and cleaned without any damages, so the mud spots or soil stains are never really a problem.
6. Drainage holes can be drilled into plastic planters without any chances of damaging the planters. Some plants need more drainage than the others and plastic pots allow for drilling extra drainage holes.
7. Plastic planters can be reused time and again and can be used for repotting different plants over time.
8. Plastic flower pots can also be used as liner pots for metal or ceramic planters that don't have a drainage hole and are very easy to handle.
9. Plastic pots like poly bags can be used to grow seasonal vegetables and then washed and stored for later use once the season is over ensuring that you save floor space.
The plastic pot you buy form Ugaoo can be later recycled to ensure that they do not end up in landfill.

Buy Plastic planters

One of our best selling plastic planters online are the self-watering planters. Ugaoo self-watering planters are a great way to reduce the chance of plant damage due to watering issues. One of the best plastic flower pots online, our self-watering planters help new gardeners gain confidence in their plants while ensuring that the plants are correctly watered at all times.
To buy the best quality plastic pots online explore the range of plastic planters offered by Ugaoo. The planters are ergonomically designed to give you the best gardening experience. Once you buy plastic planters online, your plastic flower pots will be delivered to your doorstep in a safe and secure manner.


Is it okay to plant in plastic planters?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to use plastic planters as long as they are the right size and they have ample drainage holes.

Do plastic planters hold moisture?

Yes, like most planters plastic planters hold moisture as no evaporation through the walls takes place.

How do plastic pots grow plants?

Plastic pots are easy to use, durabel, lightweight and long lasting options to grow plants.

How long can plants stay in plastic pots?

Plants can stay in plastic planters for as long as required.

Where can i get self watering plastic planter?

You can buy self-watering plastic planter from Ugaoo. We sell premium quality, ergonomic and durable plastic planters in all colours and sizes.