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Out of all kinds of pots & planters, the most versatile and durable ones are plastic planters! These planters are easy to clean, maintain, and move around, making them the perfect additions to your garden. Shop from our hand-picked range of plastic pots and planters. 


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Plastic Plant Pots

Plastic planters are undoubtedly the ace of all planters! With their undeniable convenience and versatile uses, not only do these make for great homes for your plants - giving them a breathable and easily portable home - but they can also be disguised as other planters made from different materials. Some of our premium plastic planters even come with the added advantage of looking like stone planters, giving them a rustic, heavy feel with all the benefits of plastic plant pots.

Advantages of Using Plastic Pots for Plants

Plastic pots for plants of all kinds come with their own set of benefits which are sure to make you fall in love with them. From convenience to wide range, here are a few benefits of plastic plant pots:

1. Plastic Pots are Lightweight

One of the biggest benefits of plastic planters is that they are lightweight. This means that you can place your plants in them as and when you like while still retaining the choice of moving them around later. The lightweight quality of plastic flower pots or plants makes them easy to relocate based on your preferences and transport.

2. Plastic Planters Offer Versatile Choices

Ranging from small to large, white to vibrantly colored, and textured to plain, plastic plant pots have a ton of versatility to offer. Their ability to take the shape of whatever you wish makes them great options for indoor and outdoor displays. Many of these planters look like carefully carved stone planters while others resemble traditional terracotta pots.

3. Plastic Pots are Easy to Clean

Plastic planters are perfect for your plants because no matter how dirty they decide to make these pots, it’s never too dirty for them! All the dirt, mud, mulch, etc can be easily cleaned off and the planter will be back to brand new. It’s as simple as using a damp cloth on the surface to clean off everything, returning the pot to its former glory.

4. Plastic Planters are Durable

Plastic pots or plastic hanging baskets are not only versatile but also durable. They withstand the test of time flawlessly and can be made to look new with just the swipe of a damp cloth. Ugaoo’s plastic pots and planters are made with the best quality materials, giving them qualities of longevity and reliability.

5. Last But Not Least, They are Cost-Effective

As compared to other plant pots, plastic pots and planters are more cost-effective and less tough on your pocket. They bring all their desirable qualities for relatively lesser costs, making them a preferred choice for many gardeners.

Types of Plastic Planters You Can Choose From

With Ugaoo’s wide range of plastic pots and planters, you can find quality and endless options all in one. Whether you’re looking for large or small pots, we’ve got you covered! Here are a few options you can choose from:

1. Krish Self Watering Planter

Our original functional stunner, the Krish Self-Watering Plastic Planter is everything your plants need! It’s breathable, lightweight, and self-watering with excellent draining. What else could you need? If you’re unsure about whether or not you are watering your plants the right way, you don’t need to be anymore because these planters will water your plants only as much as they need - not more, not less!

2. Milano Short Plastic Planter

Crafted in a timeless design with sharp and smooth finishing for a clean, elegant aesthetic; the Milano planter will elevate your garden plants and their aesthetic like no other! Available in small and large sizes, this planter is perfect for your bigger, bushier plants. It is also made with recyclable polymers that make it extremely lightweight despite its heavy appearance.

3. Atlantis Self Watering Plastic Planter

The Atlantis Self-Watering planter is an upgraded version of the Krish pot. With a layered depth being created because of its unique self-watering design, the Atlantis pot makes for a wonderful addition to any indoor or outdoor garden, coming in a variety of 7 colors fit for all kinds of plants. Functional and aesthetic are what define the Atlantis plastic planters with their timeless and elegant problem-solving design.

4. Verona Eco Plastic Planters

The Verona Eco series of plastic planters is another range of carefully designed planters, made to suit all your plants and their needs. Made from 100% eco-friendly materials, these planters are fully recyclable, bringing wonderful rustic aesthetics with the visible rice husk on their surfaces. If rustic and sophisticated is what you’re going for, the Verona Eco planter can easily become your go-to!

5. Barca Rectangle Planter

With its unique rectangular design and stunning stone finishes, the Barca Rectangle plastic planter is perfect as an outdoor garden planter, patio planter, as a planter for lobby areas, terrace planter, and also as indoor plant pot. What more could you ask for! The design of this planter allows it to be seamlessly incorporated into any design, effortlessly elevating the aesthetics of the space.

Buy Plastic Pots Online: Why Ugaoo?

At Ugaoo, we believe in giving back to our plants the way they give to us. From perfect plant care at your greenhouses to aftercare once they reach their forever homes, we work to ensure that you and your plant are never alone! This includes designing the best of everything for them - pots & planters to other plant care equipment.
Our plastic pots and planters are designed to cater to every need of the plant and its care-giver. Excellent drainage and breathable, recyclable plastics are only a few of the things that make our plastic plant pots stand out! With just the click of a few buttons, you can buy plastic flower pots online to suit all your plants and their unique aesthetics.
Finding plastic planters online has never been easier! Shop only the best with Ugaoo.


Is it okay to plant in plastic planters?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to use plastic planters as long as they are the right size and they have ample drainage holes.

Do plastic planters hold moisture?

Yes, like most planters plastic planters hold moisture as no evaporation through the walls takes place.

How do plastic pots grow plants?

Plastic pots are easy to use, durabel, lightweight and long lasting options to grow plants.

How long can plants stay in plastic pots?

Plants can stay in plastic planters for as long as required.

Where can i get self watering plastic planter?

You can buy self-watering plastic planter from Ugaoo. We sell premium quality, ergonomic and durable plastic planters in all colours and sizes.