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Germination trays are a great way to grow plants from seeds successfully. Ugaoo sells the best seedling trays that are ergonomically designed with drainage holes to give your seeds the best chance of surviving. Buy the best seed germination tray India online from Ugaoo.


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Germination Trays

Every seed today is a plant of tomorrow. Seeds germination refers to the sprouting of the seed into a new plant. When the right environmental conditions of temperature, light, and moisture are provided, the seeds start their metabolic activities that first give rise to the shoot development and then the root development.

Steps of seed germination

Let’s take a look at the process of seed germination.
▶ Select the seeds as per season. Summer seeds need a higher temperature to sprout, as compared to winter seeds.
▶ Fill the Germination Trays with a well-draining potting mix. Make sure you source the best seedling tray so that it can be reused over the years and Germination Trays have good drainage holes.
▶ Moisten the soil and let all the water drain out from the drainage hole of the Germination Trays at the bottom.
▶ Sow the seeds at a depth of not more than twice or thrice the diameter of the seed itself. Don’t press the seed in too deep.
▶ It is always better to start your seeds indoors in the best seedling tray where it is easier to control light and temperature of the soil. Seeds germinate the best between 20 to 30 degree Celsius. It is also important to remember that the moist soil temperature is always a few degrees lower than the ambient temperature.
▶ For the first two days you can cover the seedling tray or your germination tray setup with a jute rag or a corrugated cardboard to trap the moisture and heat and also provide darkness. Seeds germinate quicker in the dark.
▶ After two days, when you can see tiny sprouts come up, remove the cover on top if you have used one and place the setup in a well-lit area indoors.
▶ Keep the soil moist, but not soggy, by watering it regularly with either a spray or bottom watering. Watering carefully with teaspoons also works fine, take care to not move the soil or drown the seedling in the Germination Tray.
▶ Once the first two sets of cotyledon leaves (round leaves) come up. Place the seed germination tray India setup in a brightly lit area like windowsill or shaded balconies where it doesn’t get direct harsh sun.
▶ Once the first 2 pairs of true leaves appear and the sapling is now more than a couple of inches tall, you can transplant it to your final planter with a good potting mix.
▶ One of the other good measures of the time to transplant is when the paling is at least thrice the height of the seedling pot in the germination tray.

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