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Urban spaces may not always have as much space as you may want them to. But if you’re falling short of space while decorating with plants, hanging planters will be your saviors! Elevate your indoor decor game with Ugaoo’s stunning and elegant range of hanging planters for all your moods and tastes.


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Hanging Planters: The Perfect Solution for Maximizing Space Indoors

Ugaoo’s range of Hanging Planters, much like all our other planters, allows you to give your plants a home that they truly deserve. Carefully crafted and designed to meet all your indoor decor needs, these planters give your plants only the best.
If you live in an urban space, you must know all too well that there isn’t nearly enough space to decorate our houses the way we wish to. But there are always solutions when you need them and if maximizing your indoor space for decorating it is what you’re looking for, hanging plant pots will easily become your best friends!

Hanging Plant Pots: Elevating Your Indoor Spaces

Wherever you go, there is always an element of surprise or adoration that leaves you awe-struck. These elements can come as decor ideas that are perfectly implemented or other centerpieces in indoor or outdoor spaces. Hanging indoor plants are the perfect union of both. Hanging planters bring elegance, ease of use, less space restrictions, and the perfect aesthetics.
Whether you’re going for elegant or maximalist decor ideas, Ugaoo’s hanging planters will allow you to perfectly implement both aesthetics. Sophistication and elegance have never come easier to any space!

Types of Hanging Pots for Plants: What You Can Choose

With our range of planters, you can choose from a variety of the best hanging pots and planters for your plants. Whatever your mood or aesthetic may be, we’ve got you covered!

1. Forma Ceramic Hanging Pot

This handmade ceramic pot brings you a serene, minimalistic elegance. Coming in wonderful, calming shades of red, peach, blue, and grey, these planters can also be used as pots. They are crafted from premium ceramic, designed with a weighted base and a drainage hole to ensure your plants are comfortable.

2. Macrame Plant Hangers

If what you’re going for is more of a bohemian, rustic vibe, macrame plant hangers can be your go-to. Intricately hand-woven and beautifully designed to add an elegant charm to any indoor space, these planters are the perfect plant holders. These planters are available in three types - single, double, and triple tiered - and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

3. Ladybug Ceramic Hanging Planter

The Ladybug Handmade Ceramic planter is a longer, more oval-shaped counterpart of the Forma planter. This planter is also crafted from premium materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting elegance. It is made to be the perfect hanging plant pot with its weighted base and drainage holes for maintaining optimal soil health.

Perfect Hanging Basket Plants: Which Plants Can You Make Use Of?

While hanging planters create the perfect look for all plants, there are a few varieties of plants that will look particularly beautiful in hanging baskets. These plants create a soft, cascading effect that mesmerizes onlookers and creates a wonderful aesthetic. Here are a few plants to choose from:

1. The Wandering Jew

The fast-growing creeper plant makes for a wonderful hanging plant with its delicate trails of a deep purple. It is an easy plant to grow because of its limited care requirements and does not need too much of your time and attention. This plant can be paired effortlessly with the Ladybug hanging plant pot!

2. Philodendron Broken Heart

The Philodendron Broken Heart plant works brilliantly as a hanging plant and a regular potted plant. Its unique and memorable foliage gives it a wonderful charm and the holes in the leaves earn this plant its name. This tropical plant instantly uplifts the mood of any space and gives it a stunning charm like no other. As a low-growing creeper with stunning trails, this plant will look absolutely wonderful if paired with macrame plant hangers.

3. Peperomia Green Creeper

The Peperomia Green is a creeping plant that is super easy to grow and care for. The succulent-like leaves of this wonderful plant make it a resilient indoor addition, meaning it requires less of your time than you’d think. It needs bright, indirect light but can also do well in low light conditions. As a relatively larger creeper, this plant will do well if put in a lightweight pot of your choice and then hung with the macrame plant hangers.

4. String of Bananas

This cascading succulent-like plant requires a little more gardening experience than the rest. It must be watered once in two weeks and it’s important to remember that this plant must not be over-watered, as this can lead to root rot. You must also remember to prune any yellowing parts of the plant to ensure optimal growth. The Forma Ceramic hanging pot will be a wonderful addition along with the String of Bananas.
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Can you put any plant in a hanging planter?

Yes. if the planter is of the right size for the planter, any plant can be planted in a hanging planter. Although trailing plants look better in hanging planters and give your home a tropical feel.

Are hanging planters easy to take care of?

Yes, plants in hanging planters are easy to care for. The only point to be kept in mind is to water the plants only when the topsoil is dry to touch, rest of the plant care is the same as any potted plant.

Which Hanging planter should i buy?

You can buy any planter, that suits your requirements and decor. Some points to keep in mind before selecting a planter is the size of the planter, make sure tha planter has drainage hole, select plants that suit the planter shape.

Do hanging pots need drainage?

Yes hanging planters need drainage hole to avoid over watering issues and root rot.

Which plants are good for indoor hanging pots?

Any tropical plant is a great fit for hanging planters. You can also plant succulents in hanging planters but it is important to use succulent potting mix for proper drainage. Although trailing and climbing plant look the best in hanging planters.