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Plant pots are the best way to give your indoor plants a boost in the decor department. Explore our range of pots for plants and select the most premium planters online to beautify your home gardens. Buy from Ugaoo’s extensive range of plant pots online for your indoor and outdoor plants. Level up your home decor with a range of premium metal flower pots online.


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Pots for plants

Gardening has transformed from a means to grow food and flowers to a decor accent in recent times. Home gardens, both indoors and outdoors are not only about growing plants but about the decor aesthetic and the entire look of your home garden.
In this whole endeavour plant pots play a key role, they up the look of your plants and allow you to add your own personal touch to your plants. Pots for plants are the new decor superheroes and if you don’t believe us just browse the million websites selling a million different stunning plant pots online.
Adding plants to your home is one of the easiest ways to add extra life to your space. But, finding the right flower pots online can be a little bit of a challenge—they should be functional, but not restrict your style. In recent times, there has been more to life than plain terra cotta plant containers. With some of the trendy indoor planters available, your greenery will be looking its best even if you miss your watering schedule a couple of times. Let's take a look at the trends and the type of garden pots online ruling the world of social media these days and give you some great ideas to make your space worthy of the gram and give you all the help you need to buy plant pots online.

Sleek, modern minimalistic plant pots

Bulky, ornate plant containers are out, and sleek, modern styles are in. Many of these modern styles tend to be lightweight and easy to use to ease movement as per decor changes. Buy modern plant pots online.

◾ Heavy-duty materials

Wood-trimmed, galvanised, and corrugated finish plant pots are being seen more and more. The angular flower pots online seem to work better with contemporary houses. Cast concrete containers, as well as lightweight look-a likes made of resin, are trending pots for plants. Buy wooden plant pots here.

◾ Neutral, muted colours

It’s not surprising that neutral coloured pots for plants are dominating planters. People are gravitating towards shades of black, white, grey, and gold planters online. Besides neutrals, the one colour that has stood the test of time is cobalt blue. Buy monochrome pots online.

◾ Rustic and rusty

The idea of re-purposing rusty old junk into treasured garden art is catching steam around the globe even in the case of pots for plants. The “shabby chic garden antique aesthetic,” is going for the win and planting in weathered metal colanders, perforated locker drawers, chipped teacups, and other household items is a great option.
Or you can simply go for rustic wooden plants pots online here.
In the end, variety wins so buy your garden pots online with care and from trusted sources.
The best way to go about and to add your own personality is to mix and match the available plant containers online to make your own style; rather than overhauling the entire pottery collection to match each season’s style.

Now, let’s talk about specific pots and planters that are a permanent fixture in all the lovely decor posts you see. After all, no home is complete without plants.

➡ Rope Plant Pots:

Sometimes the easiest way to dress up a plant is to put it in a woven rope basket. it adds the right amount of farmhouse chic to any space. Just lift it out to water and drain.

➡ Modern Geometric Ceramic plant pots:

These pots for plants serve up a subtle cool with their all-over geometric pattern. What's more is that you can customise your plain pots online with a little DIY involving a plain white ceramic planter and marker pens.

➡ Hanging plant pots:

No space, no worries. Hanging pots online today come in so much variety, from coir to brass, that you will be spoilt for choice. Create nooks of green and put a reading chair in your green oasis for that ultimate relaxing space. It also helps add height to your space. Macrame plant hangers are be. Buy planters online at Ugaoo.

➡ Wooden plant pots:

Rustic, sustainable, understated chic, mid-century modern, and versatile. What more can be said.

➡ Colour block planters:

Like colour, but not too much of it. This is your answer. The perfect combination of neutral shade planters with a little bit of colour for your decor.

➡ Self-watering pots :

For those of you who always kill your plants, I present to you: a self-watering planter. It does all the hard work for you.

➡ Geometric metal hanging plant pots :

Give your hanging plants a little geometric flair with metallic hanging pots, which feature minimalistic wire frames for that perfect Scandinavian decor. If you want to go lux, go for the gold edged terrariums in metal and glass.

➡ Bust/face plant Pot :

Turn your corners into a little art museum or a fun quirky station by planting greenery and flowers in new face planters online.

➡ Modern Planter With Wood Stand:

Mid-century modern fans will love this sleek, simple planter with plant pot stands, which comes with a wooden stand.

➡ Gold/copper floor planters:

For a simple pop of warmth and shine, go with a metal plant pot in gold or copper finish. Also, super lux.