Let your garden be ready for Diwali

Let your garden be ready for Diwali

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Diwali is just around the corner, and preparations for it have probably begun at your home. One has to clean up every nook and corner of the house, go out shopping for new clothes (yay!), invite guests and relatives to stay for the long weekend, prepare a bevy of yummy traditional sweets, arrange for puja materials, start on the rangoli… the list just goes on and on. No doubt, though, this time, is incredibly memorable and fun.
marigold petals

But with all this hubbub, we tend to forget one thing. Sure, it is imperative to get the house looking nice and shiny with decorations and all the furniture arranged neatly, however, we shouldn't forget about the garden! After all, it is a part of our house, and so much effort has gone into making it full of life. Now is the time to decorate it and give it life.

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marigold flower rangoli

Wondering what you could do to spruce up the garden during Diwali? Well, here are some neat ideas to help you along.
1) Put your pruning shears to use and trim up the garden till it is nice and tidy. Remember to get all your hedges and also pull out those weeds. Once you're done, your garden will look spick and span!
pruning shears

2) Add some more outdoor decorative plants to the garden like a Ficus Prestige, a Stromanthe Tristar, succulents like Haworthia Turgid or the ever popular Dracaena Colorama Red. These are just the easiest ways to add some beauty to the garden.

3) Hanging pots are a brilliant way to add some elevation to your garden, and they are also very useful when you want to hang up your lights. Get some in different colors, and you've got yourself a pretty vibrant garden!
hanging baskets in garden

hanging metallic planters

4) Metallic pots can be the showpieces of an attractive garden. It is here that you should let your imagination run free and choose some truly out of the box designs.
hanging metallic pots

colorful metallic pots

5) On the other hand, if you want pots for inside your house, then instead of metallic, you could probably try out decorative ceramic pots. They come in different colors or come with intricate designs on the surface. Try them out for an interesting twist on the everyday Diwali decorations.
ceramic pot

decorative ceramic pots

6) Always wanted that beautiful garden path but couldn't find the time to start it? Diwali is the perfect time for new beginnings! With polished pebbles, you can chart a pathway through your garden and maybe prosperity will come your way.
pebbles on pathway

7) Share your happiness with some of the beautiful birds in your neighborhood by installing a beautiful birdhouse as the centerpiece of your garden. It is something that catches the eye and also does good for the environment, definitely a win!
pink bird house

Red color metallic bird house

So, we hope you now have quite a few ideas about how to decorate your garden during Diwali time and make it shine! If you've been putting things off, then now is the time to complete them and give your garden a new lease of life. Let this incredibly important part of your home also feel the Diwali love!