10 Things You Should Know Before Buying a New Plant

10 Things You Should Know Before Buying a New Plant

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Purchasing a plant requires patience. If a plant is bought too hastily, without knowing much about the product, your time, money, efforts will be wasted.
A careful look at the plant will immediately reveal its general appearance & condition.  

Some people are blessed with the knowledge to judge the plants, but it turns out to be a difficult task for many who lack proper knowledge & end up buying sick and unhealthy plants.

indoor flowering plants

1.Before buying, decide the type of plant (flowering or foliage), its shape, size & what would suit the décor of your house.

heart shape plants
2. Always buy plants from known sources & registered dealers. Plants in nurseries must be classified under categories based on shade loving, sun loving or semi-shady with proper spacing.

Plant's nursery

3. It is wise to buy healthy & established plants with good rooting system & in proportionate size of the pot.

buying healthy plant

4. Look at the plant very carefully especially underneath the leaves for insects & pests; observe the new growing soft tips carefully. Check if the plant has any spots on the leaves, insects, diseases, or any burning marks. You may also like to read about houseplant's problems and solutions.

diseased leaves

5. Damaged/curled leaves should be rejected, even if offered at a very low price or free of cost. Because such plants may harm & contaminate your other garden plants also.

damaged leaves of geranium plant

6. The plant that you are buying should be suitable for your climate. When purchasing exotic plants, remember that very few homes are ideally suited for them & can provide the same growing conditions as it was in the greenhouse

pepper seedlings

7. One should not be too tempted in acquiring an outdoor flowering plant if there is not enough sunlight available in your premises, flowering buds of such plants will never open indoors or in limited light conditions.

flowering plant

8. Prefer buying ornamental foliage plants for indoor gardening. Also, there are many varieties of indoor flowering plants which flower very well in shady situations.

ornamental plants

9. Never buy a plant whose foliage is unusually shining or glossy. The artificial leaf shine spoils the crown of the plant.

green foliage plant

10. The premises of the retailer or grower from whom the plant is being bought is also necessary. The facilities of a nursery should be clean & hygienic.

flowering plant's nursery