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5 Garden Trends for 2024

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The world of gardening is a constantly evolving and changing one. With different trends emerging every month and every year, there are still a few that will remain constant and forever favorites.

However, it is around such trends that other trends revolve and emerge. Every year, there are new trend predictions and many of them reflect the way that the world of gardening has evolved over the years.

Here are five trend predictions for the year 2024 that will make your gardens more vibrant but also slightly....darker. Read on to find out what these emerging trends are!

• Five Garden Trends for 2024:

1. Grow Your Gardens with Edimentals:

Edimental Gardening (Edible Plants in Ornamental Gardening)

The term "Edimental" was first coined by Stephen Barstow, a horticulturist. This was around 10 years ago but it was recently that the whole concept of Edimental gardening began gaining popularity.  

Edimental plants are those that have edible and ornamental properties. So, they beautify your gardens while also allowing you to grow plants that you will be able to consume as healthy alternatives for mass-produced items. 

The benefits of Edimental gardening are that these plants are characteristically low maintenance, which means that they don't need as much attention as annual edible plants. 

If kitchen gardening is too formal for you, this type of gardening is definitely your solution! It allows you to reap the benefits of edible plants while also providing you with a more informal and easy layout for your plants. 


2. We're Loving Pollinators This Year!

Monarch Butterfly Sitting on a Flower

While you might've previously avoided and tried to get rid of pollinators like butterflies and bees because of the adverse effects of their presence, the trend prediction for 2024 says that pollinators are going to be very welcome in gardens worldwide. 

Due to the increasing interest in pollinators and other insects, there has been a higher amount of people planting for pollinators. Their presence in your gardens show that it is a healthy and diverse garden that benefits not just you but also your ecosystem. 

Opening your gardens to butterflies and bees is definitely one of the very lively and colorful home garden trends, isn't it?


3. Got the Memo? We're Going Goth!

Dark Colored Flowers

When we previously shied away from darker hues in our gardens, 2024 is going to all about embracing these colors. While social media is abuzz with the trend of gothic gardening, people are waiting to get their hands on plants that perfectly fit this aesthetic. 

Not only can you make use of dark hued plants and flowers in your garden but also pots and planters that perfectly complement these plants. 

Complement the light with the dark and the dark with darker! Make bold use of the dark shades you avoided earlier and add a darker depth to your garden this new year. 


4. Got Limited Space? Container Gardening and Hanging Indoor Plants are Coming to the Rescue:

Container Gardening

What with the existing limited space getting smaller and smaller due to a stark increase in population, there is a growing need for trends that will be space-efficient and convenient.

Here is where container gardening and hanging plants come in to the rescue. Container gardening is a versatile method where plants are grown in pots or containers instead of the ground. It's perfect for small spaces, balconies, or urban environments.

Hanging plants also help to maximize space by creating more of it in place apart from the ground. Hanging planters give you the chance to suspend your plants from the ceiling and create layers within your living space. 


5. Drought-Tolerant Indoor Plants are the New In-Thing: 

Succulent Gardens

Due to global warming and the current scale of temperature increase, gardeners old and new will have to learn to create gardens that will be able to withstand elongated periods of no rain and high temperatures. 

This is more of a need than a trend but let's also call it a trend - a trend of need more than want. However, this will definitely be a very helpful trend to follow because of the benefits it will have for your home gardens. 

Drought tolerant plants such as succulents can be made use of to create gardens with the most beautiful layouts and patterns. To give it more of a rustic and authentic feel, you can also make use of other elements like gravel and sand!


What do you think will be your preferred garden trend for 2024? Maybe a little darkness to a garden full of light, or maybe adding to your indoor gardening trends by suspending your plants from ceilings? 

Whatever you may choose to do, there is not short supply of things to complete these trends with! So, let your imagination run free and... happy gardening!